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Monday, December 11, 2006

Final Post: Relating History & Theory learnt to the Six Cities project

While learning about the history and theory of art and design I have come to realise the change in the work that I have produced and realised the origin of some of the practices that I follow and use everyday.

The great exhibition is exactly the sort of atmosphere and show that the six cities festival wants to create. This was really influential in how I perceived the six cities design project. Before the lecture I perceived it like a concept show or even a carnival. But the great exhibition gave me a real focused view which helped in creating a foundation for my initial ideas.

Jonathan's lecture of the gothic architectural really helped me too look at Dundee in a different way. As part of research I aimed to pick out design features of Dundee to outline to the locals and visitors (the target market) what they are and why they are design features. The lecture helped me pick out things I wouldn't have done before with the gothic styled centre church window a prominent example.

The Art nouveau and Art Deco lectures were again essential in the research part of the design process. Timorous beasties adopted an art noveau style of pattern which I would have not noticed if it wasn't for the lecture. It helped me identify certain design styles and helped me to differentiate my idea so that it is unique in a crowd of design items.

The Russian movement lecture outlined and inspired me to look to others for competition and not for inspiration. I was very competitive to create the best product available which I thought was the key to success. But I deliberately didn't look at the work for others for inspiration. I thought 'blue sky' as much as possible with my team steering me in the right way.

The Futurism lecture and the lectures after, took place too late to make an impact on my project. But as a person the futurism lecture has inflamed my passion for Italy. I don't know why I like Italy so much....there is no logical explanation. But where has this influence come from? I guess my brain chooses to like Italy as there design is well documented/promoted/and successful.

As I was educated in England History lessons have largely been based on the World Wars and the Romans. My religious faith and it's up bringing has lead to me having a vast knowledge of Islamic culture, its history and design. This has largely influenced my design as I am aware of design tricks implemented in those days. I understand propaganda, symmetry, ratios of interest, balance, the history of colour, the use of colour, the history of paint, the use of paint, the properties of certain shapes, moods, atmosphere etc This has greatly influenced my preferences and relates to a style which can be clearly definable as mine with the group with my choice of font, colour, texture, technology etc. I have learnt that my preference of design is my style which I have shown in the final product made which I have clearly reasoned in the presentation to the viewers.

The above is the reason why my final product looks the way it does. But can I make such comparisons to any thought? I'm thinking that does this blog mean anything. I have shown what I have used as my influence in design for the festival but can I relate any theory to anything that befits my product? I think so as a design principle could be applied to any product which was not intended. So analysing can be done in more ways than one... mainly terms of affect and effect. Effect in terms of intention and affect in terms of practice. The thing that I can take away with me from this is my theory on three theories of design:
-Function follows form
-Form follows function
-Form independent of function
and my interpretation of affect and effect as internal and external success factors of design.

I know it's not my best blog. I've tried to carry out the task given which i have had difficulty relating to a book or a website as reference to my thoughts. I guess it's personal. My style!



Blogger Ryan said...

You talk about 'your style' with all the studying of the movements in art and design history which movemnet would you say you were best suited to?
You also say
'I have learnt that my preference of design is my style'
Surely your style is something that has been influenced by designers and artists of the past?

11:50 PM  
Blogger Raymond Hollowell said...

I totally agree with the comment from ryan there is nothing here to suggest that you are influence by anyone. Everyonr has been influenced somewhere along the lines yes it can be changed to your own style but it has to be inspired by someone or some thing. Alot of your other blogs semm to relate to islamic archtecture is this an influence that give you " YOUR STYLE "

12:02 AM  
Blogger Ina Reid said...

I never thought of the russian revolution like that but i think its wrong to say your not inspired by competition i think most people are thats why their product is better than leading products??
I would have like to known more about how the islamic style influenced your design as i have never looked into islamic design fully apart from its influences in the eras of art nouveau and deco??
surley this along side our design history lectures HAS influenced your design and possibly your design process??? can design come from nowhere?? im sure it can but on a very rare occassion????

9:24 AM  
Blogger Mathy (Simpson) said...

It covers a lot of ground Imran and you have obviously thought deep and well over the 11weeks of semester 1.

However I find the rigidity of your thinking somewhat confusing.

You have throughout the blogs identified the theories you mentioned and the affect, effect

I would say not everything is clear-cut.

However once more your ability to define everything with a label and a definition can be useful.

I was thinking the other day about how we think and how artificial intelligence thinks. Computers think in digital, binary, 0's and 1's, on and off. We being biological do not do so, our thinking can be described as analogue, but I think we are more digital than we realise. I think we often find ourselves identifying what something is or isn’t, we by nature seek to label, I doing so we always constrict ourselves to TWO choices, is or isn’t. This is in some respects a bit like digital.

I think we as designers should try not to be rigid and remember its not about thinking outside the box, because the box isn’t important.

3:59 PM  
Blogger DonLobania said...

My style is what I like. What my brain chooses to like and not to like. The principles that follow the things that I like can't be defined. My style cannot be defined into any other but an amalgation of many.

My influences come from what ever i have seen and not seen. I have seen many things mostly real and some unreal (in my dreams). What influences me i cannot defined other than everything. I choose to like something based on my brains reaction to it. it's hard to explain but as an example if i taste food i'm not influenced by the spicy pallet that i have tasted all my life or food that i have tasted in the past. I taste the food and if my brain likes it whether it is similar, same or different if my brain likes it i like it. Hence sometimes i like the same food some days and despise it another. Same in design...some days i find something really attractive and other times i don't. It's my brain too complex!

To a degree we are analogue...signals are sent around our bodies in electrical shocks. it's the brain that decodes them and encodes them to the pheripherals like the hand, organs etc we are not perfect in giving signals hence our bodies can malfunction.

Although my blog portraid rigidity to you it's the rigidity of words and a blog that makes it rigid but my feelings and thoughts are far from rigid. It's just to show you a small part of my thoughts in a structure that can be marked.

Thanks for your comments

1:19 PM  

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