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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Contemporary Arts...Yeh right, more like I love William Morris Lecture

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This lecture in my opinion was a glorification of William Morris. When Richard said lecturer's have bias and their own views this lady lecturer took the biscuit!

William Morris (1834-1996)
To me he was just another cog in the machine that is design history. Nothing more or less than designers that used design principles as a multi-diciplinary aspect of design. Are you really trying to tell me that a designer in the past only designed one thing? I don't think so! Mackintosch a prime example applied his design to every aspect from products to wallpapers to architecture so William Morris...who gives a DRGKI$£+(%${RWI! Your views on this would be greatly appreciated good or bad.

But the only part in the whole lecture that appealed to me was:

"You can make a tool of a creature or a man of him"

What does this mean?
I think it means that humans in a production line are better than machines. This is because of the products individuality although modular. The product made by hand has a certain beauty that cannot be matched by any machine. A hand carved table finished in lovely varnish would look better than one produced by a machine as it has more unique features and adapted beauty to suit the eye. Where as a machine produces mass items with no unique feature from the next item produced by it.

Overall In my opinion and shared by Morris, the best designer is God(Mother Nature). His design is of such beauty and scale that no human can match. The human itself is Gods best creation. If you can create something better than a human being it is only then you can be considerd the best designer in the world.

Another quote not picked up by my fellow bloggers is

"the creation of form as an inner process"

This again shows that design is limited to what the human mind can control. If it is not thought of by a person then that design would not exist. Or does it? Is there any type of design that is not designed?

Tell me what you think.....comments appreciated and answered on the same page so keep an eye out.


Blogger Ina Reid said...

Is it that by controlling the human mind your restricting design? if so cant we just let go and if god is the best designer and we are all his creation surely his lives on in all of us and so we are his designers thre best of the best wouldn't you say, but i do agree he is the best teacher i mean we are inspired by his work and in doing so create another dimension to mother nature????

11:45 AM  
Blogger DonLobania said...

Good point. This is another point of view that i didn't consider. God does not directly control our minds but as he has created us all our thoughts are really his!

Good point....need more! Thats to the rest of you too!

11:56 AM  
Blogger jackie said...

the last bit of your post " Is there any type of design that is not designed?" i think is a very interesting question. thinking about it you can argue that there is. for example you don't always think about what you are doing, you are not always mindful of your actions and so you could sub consiously be designing but not knowing. i suppose what i'm trying to say is that things can happen by accident, therefore they are not designed. for example you can rip your jeans by falling over and someone could think they are ment to be ripped, thus creating design without meaning to. accidental design is design that hasn't been designed. do you agree?

8:13 PM  
Blogger DonLobania said...

Good Point Jackie! Accidental design is done as you have no other option. That is designed! Let me explain...The jean rips...You doing nothing about it means that you have thought to leave it like that...You have designed it! If you sow it up....You have designed it.

I can see where you are coming from...Any other examples....try and catch me out


5:28 PM  

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