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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

THE CARR IS BACK! The Vieneese Succession

Bring back the professional... Richard shows the real advantage of experience.

The Vieneese Succession really outlines the austrian based influence of Design. Coffee houses and the major influence in the theory behind philosophy, religion and literature really developed to the extent that some of the teachings are used today.

Freud being mentioned is essential as his theory is so revolutionary it is still used and applied today. But in my opinion the experiments that he carried out to come to his theory would be different in different cultures of todays day and age.
"Sexualty starts from childhood"
Do you agree?
I agree to this theory as in Islam (The pioneer thinkers from the early age where every thought can go back to the Arabs) Sexuality is said to start from the age of 12. In this day and age and in this u.k. culture where "Scally's/Neds" are increasing in number they too agree to this statement as the youngest female that has had a baby is 12. This is when the children start to realise the attraction to the other sex and not just an act copying there parents.

Back to Design I think that it was great the Richard Carr refered back to Mackintosch and his products and influence of this design era (between art nouveau and art deco). It was interesting to here that Mackintosch was more well known on the continent than in Scotland! This was an interesting point which made me think. Why are designers more successfull abroad than in the U.K.? Well i think that it is the culture of the u.k. which does not help budding designers in this country. The country does not like change. Once it is settled on one type of design it takes longer for people to adopt to new changes. Why are we 2 years behind in technology than Japan? Is it that we are not bright enough? No we are leaders in research and have a reputation for engineering. Are we lacking in influencial designers? No we have a reputation for being amongst the best in design i.e. (most cars have been designed by British Designers, Renalut, Aston Martin, Ford) It is because the country does not create a market for new and innovative designers to aim for: there is no money/interest in new products (until recently). The U.K. market is too small and not suitable for new innovative products to be launched as the culture is slow to change and too small compared to the U.S. and China who can create "copy cat" products quickly and easily.

What are your thoughts, comments appreciated and replied on this page so keep an eye out.


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