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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Russian Revolution

Why were the Russians so successful in creating designs far before it's times? As hard of a question this is to answer I aim to show my one narrow view to spark off a few theories of your own. Please comment.

Richard Carr outlined how, for example, the architecture drawings that were produced were far before it's times in terms of design. The pictures shown were really appealing to me now in 2007 and if built in Dundee would look more spectacular than many, if not all of the new buildings being built now.

I think it is because of "Blue Sky" thinking. Thinking of ideas to a solution or just to better something which was so lateral to anything that is, was and is going to be produced in design was the key to producing future designs. Trying to think of something that is never done before is hard in this day and age where design surrounds us and clouds our creativity. What if you had no home....what if you had no food...what if you were deprived of the luxuries that surround us today...would it help our blue sky thinking. YES! That is what is dragging us down we aspire to have things that already exist and don't aspire to have things that we want that don't exist. The Russians did this and I feel that this is what gave them the edge. Do you agree?

The inspiration from America should be mentioned but can't backfire the above argument as they wanted something better than America and something America didn't have! Comments appreciated and replied on this page.



Blogger eva said...

I had never considered that view before, but thinking about it now that seems quite a valid point. I agree that in todays consumer driven world we lack the same enthusiasm and aspirations as those who have less. These days I think we are more about improving whats already out there instead of Blue Sky thinking to create the products of tomorrow. Do you agree?

4:08 PM  
Blogger DonLobania said...

Yes I do...You have grasped my point exactly. Thanks for comment!

12:38 PM  

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