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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And here we are, at the end....

Firstly, i have taken alot from these CMT lectures. it has shown me new ways of thinking and made me aware of more art.

From the lecture on Digital Culture, i quickly realised people were spending far too much time sitting on computers, using the internet and seeing places on their screens rather than in real. I decided that the six cities concept should not be computer based, it should be something simple that gets people to see the places for themselfs. Keeping the idea simple was'nt easy as because technology exists, people want to use it, a common mistake, one i make alot. When Raymo mentioned the "red arrows" i knew that was what was needed. This acctually would point out design with a sledge hammer attitude.

From the moving images lecture they mentioned how in animation you over exadurate the movements of the characters so the view will notice this more. i wanted to apply this concept to the arrow; over exadurate it so people will notice it. make it huge and red, so it sticks out, making people question why its there, what it is pointing at...

this it what out group did, the arrows were getting bigger everytime we meet up. ideas of an arrow that was almost as big as the building it was pointing at came around, but we soon relised this was too big. however we decided that the arrow should be bright red, another technique of animation, making the main characters brighter than the background and other characters to make the view relise who are the most important characters on the screen. this gave the arrow a cartoon feel to it. which was in keeping with Dundee's heritage of comic books and even the way the counsil write "Dundee" with big blocky letters.

Not all of the lectures link directly to the project, however they have furthered my general knowledge and will be used for other projects. And many got me thinking about things i normally would of just looked over with out a second thought. it has also opened my eyes different types of art and how to appricate art if i like it or not.

when i came to university i like what i liked and had no time for other mediums or opinions, i feel this has greatly changed and i feel other people should take this onboard when working as team .it means you will listen and appriciate ideas; even if you dont like it, and work on them. as ideas that you dont like can still be good and deserve time to be worked on.asking my self what is design also widened my views of what can be considered design. finding new mediums and also finding that all things man made can be considered design.

These lectures have changed my views aswell as giving me insperation. i feel i have a better understanding of how ideas come around and how to treat them.

Heres to the end of a busy semester!


I know disney has become a corporate monster now, but i want to stick to its animation in my blog. i like disney animation. as most people do, i loved disney as a kid. jungle book being my favoiret.

the feminism part to lecture. to me disney portray the female characters the way they do to teach children to behave well. for example in beauty and the beast i dont think bell stays with the beast because thats a women should do. it teaches not just to look at how a person looks, but to get to know them and help them with any issues they have, and help them. this is an important moral for children to know, "beauty isnt skin deep". all of disney movie give a across morals which children need to know if they are to grow up to be responisle adults, something todays generation of children are lacking.

Shrek makes fun of how disney films are made. its story comes from varoius disney films, snow white, beauty and the beast and many others used for comedy through out the film. Princess Fiona is cast as a sterotypical women but throught out the film she steps out of this role and acts very feminly. when surrounded by highway men she disposes of them in matrix style way. however this is used for comedy. In the DVD people were saying that bella did not save herself from the 5 wolves only because she was a women and disney dont allow women to save them selfs. all i have to say is i know of know no women that can take down 5 wolves bare handed, however the beast....he's a beast, so he saves her. its simple. not that bella didnt save herself because she is a sterotyped women.

i like disney films and i think they show children important morals that they will need in life. it doesnt tell children to behave exactly like the characters in the films, just to take note of it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Final Blog

Recall the brief for six cities design festival:

“The Dundee Six Cities Team wants you to work collaboratively and brainstorm the big picture of design and creativity in Dundee. What are the strengths? What is the potential for the future? What information and awareness could help local businesses use design better? What design resources in the city could help local people improve the quality of their lives? How can design contribute to tourist development? These and many other questions need to be considered.”

The great exhibition gave me a visual idea of what the six cities festival could be. The crystal palace being the actual design festival but all the 13,000 exhibits of the great exhibition being design in Dundee and like in the great exhibition people will travel from all around to see Dundee through design.

The gothic revival was a practical response not an aesthetic one, this made me think of the repercussions the design festival could have on Dundee. People’s response to what they have been shown could be a magical as the gothic style; design will get bigger and bigger in Dundee a lot like the gothic style did in England and Europe. Also it could make a permanent mark on Dundee as gothic did on medieval cathedrals.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco made me think of art for arts sake and more so what environmental art already exists in Dundee and what else could be done to bring Dundee up to date with civic design such as monuments like the law monument or Alexandra’s fountain.

The Arts and Crafts movement made me think of possible applications to possible solutions to the six cities brief. A movement where man was going back to basics and using the tools he was born with rather than machine and mass production a one off master piece was his ambition. This is the same for our six cities brief and as we had a low budget what better that to be made by hand. Something physical to be proud of, designed for the people by us. Just like in the in arts and crafts movement where it was said to be art for the people by the people. So not really art for arts sake but for the people’s sake.

The Viennese Secession reminded me that our work if chosen would sit along side international design it was not only a design festival to celebrate design in Dundee although this is the primary goal but it is also to bring Dundee into the international world of design to let them know we exist and for Dundee to learn what other designs exists.

Futurism reminded me of the many problems in the world today like pollution and our dependence on this technology at the time it was a celebrate of new technology and a loathing of the past but it made me think how we are retracing our steps as what was new technology than has given us a lot of environment problems and so we must do as they loathed to find a solution this made me think of Dundee being up there with new world changing design for the better maybe the future could be Dundee??

The Russian revolution very much reminded me of my stakeholders and who they where and to satisfy them is a large part of the brief and like in Russia if I didn’t it would be over throw and I suppose come under the labelling of bad design.

World War one and the Russian revolution made me thing of the power of design and mainly in graphic you see a poster it could change your day, it could make you smile when your down it could be used in Dundee..

The design history lectures also got me thinking about team work and just how important it is for some thing as big as the six cities design festival, in all the aspects of design history that we covered it was not one artist or designer that made that specific style or movement its was a group of people who came together and show cased their work to the world that made that mark on design and so it is important to work together for something a big as the six cities design festival after all it could be the next great exhibition..???

The Final Post

When I first heard we were doing CMT I was excited by most of the lectures that were on the line up for it. I felt blogging was also better as it gave me a better insight into the lectures as I was researching into each of the blog’s.
Learning about Contemporary Media Theory was very interesting. It really made me think about the six cites projects in different way after each of the lectures. The one that really inspired me and I put forward the initial idea towards the final idea was the moving image lecture. In the moving image it was very abstract, almost kind of art deco this inspired me for the idea of the red arrow.
The post-modern perspectives lecture was another that stood out. It also helped me in my research through the six cites project. This is because it gave an insight into the background of media and made you think about how it came through. This helped in research as it made me want to take my research further and explore different ideas.
Although some of the lectures did not link directly to the six cites project it was really exciting to here the background to different media such as how Disney use celebration a village in which is a form of advertisement. I found this interesting as it just shows how advertisements can be done in different ways like this. Although this doesn’t connect with the six cites project the new look waterfront could be the kind of advertising for Dundee.
CMT gave a good background into different forms of media and helped me research these different kinds of media that could be used to point out design in Dundee. This shows in the group’s final outcome, which included red arrows, balloons and plaques. This I think may have work as advertising design as there was a majority of IMD people in our group and I fell the lectures could have had this effect on the project.
The weekly lectures on such things as the moving image and Comics, Cartoons and Graphic Novels also help with the concept video that we made for our presentation as it let us see how other artists use the camera to convey a message in a constructive way. It gave us ideas, which we changed to fulfil the purpose of our concept video.
I was also given an insight into the use of technology in society through the Media and Messages in the Global Village lecture. This worked well also with it tying in our final idea together with the public being able to text in there favourite design features in Dundee to move the arrows around Dundee to the publics favoured design.
All in all I feel that the CMT lectures have not only help me in my way of designing but also gave me an insight into the history of media design. I feel these lectures have changed my perspective on design as I have been putting forward ideas that I would not usually, in both design studies and IMD.


The Russian Revolution was a series of two revolutions:

The first revolution overthrew the autocratic imperial monarchy and changed the calendar in Russia from the Julian Old style to the Georgian New Style which moved dates by thirteen days.

The second revolution opened with the armed insurrection organized by the Bolshevik Party against the Provisional Government and changed all economic, political, and social relationships in Russian society, it is often called the Bolshevik or October Revoltuion.

The causes of the Russian Revolution where deep rooted and lay in the countries vast history, for a long time the people of Russia had fallen victim to severe economical and social conditions.

It was not until the First World War until the people managed to over throw the Government. Russia’s badly organised and unsuccessful involvement of World War 1 added to the popular discontent of the people and this resulted in 1917 with the establishment of the Soviet state that has become known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)/ the Bolshevik Party.

Life before now had been very close to famine in Russia. Russian poor excuse of an industry couldn’t met the demand of the some 15 million men sent out to the front line, factories where not very productive with limited workers and the railroad network was unsatisfactory for transportation to the troops on the front line. It was not unusual the men in the trenches to go hungry and often without shoes and even without weapons or ammunition. Mean while back home their families where on the edge of famine with the price of goods skyrocketing.

Is it any wonder there was a lot of propaganda in Russia?

The soviet used propaganda to ask for support and demand greater efforts.
Design was used to unite a nation very much in need of reform.

Perhaps the most powerful of it type was the colourful, dramatic and original form of propaganda was the poster. The greatest artist of the time used them to proclaim government policies and all with the goal of building the soviet power – for the people.

The Russian Revolution shows how design doesn’t just have to be something that looks good it can be the way you live the way you are treated and even a voice for the unheard.

Design has the power to change anything with the right application..????
Doesn’t the Russian Revolution prove this???

For the Russian people design helped fight the enemies with powerful symbolism and commercial constructive style?????

The Great War

"The War to End All wars"

It was a global military conflict that took place mainly in Europe from 1914-1918. It left million dead and helped shape the modern world????

August 1914 Germany declared war on Russia was this because of the propaganda happening in Russia was design to blame for the First World War???

With new technology came more tatics and developed fighting is this design?? and if technology is a part of design did we design or weapons or where we designing war???
After all the Great War saw the advent of two other new weapons in addition to the machine gun: Assult tanks and poisonous gas. These where surely designed for war a silly question because they obviously where but in that case did we design World War 1 before it even happened and back the comment that the great war helped shape the modern world i disagree all it helped shape was World War Two.

Technology ment we could fight on land in the air and at sea.. was industry designing for war????

It certainly looks that way as man where injured left right and center field hospitals did not see any new technology designed to save lives just kill it?????? i mean they where still light by lanterns yet we had the technology to fly???

A Design That Makes Everything Else Look Old Fashioned?

Futurism came heart and soul from Italy and became an international movement. Futurists not to be mistaken for Futurism, loathed the idea of the past it was old design especially when talking about political or artistic trends, although they themselves were trend watchers. Seems a bit of a contradiction???

The car and its industry were legendary for the futurists; because they represented the triumph man has over nature which up till now was the main foundations for art and design.

So Futurism was the opposite of the Arts and Crafts movement??

The first major exhibition of Futurism was held in Milan in 1911 and was like in the Viennese Secession a free exhibition, it was a statement for all to see - like you could miss it was unlike anything anyone had seen before. It was the Futurists belief that space no longer existed?? just alot of shape???

There was a huge influence on the Russian movement of Cubism it was a form of art very similar to Futurism except as you can imagine everything was square.

Futurism represented the madness between technology and man?? the dependance we have on machines?? the madness we still live in today??

Pictures like the one above Dynamism of a dancer 1912 by Gino Severini look to me very much like the busy streets of any city today, polution, speed.???

Sure it must have been very exciting at the start but look where it has got us???

It seems to me Futurism was celebrating technology whilst warning us at the same time not to enjoy the modern world's comforts but not to forget the forces that made them possible.

Technology is second nature to most of the world today is this something to celebrate??
I don't think so...

Free Art

It was in 1897 Otto Wagner and a group of his most gifted students gave birth to another form of modernism in the visual arts, they called themselves the Secession. They created their own exhibition space later known as the Secession building.

The Austrian Artistic Movement saw the population of Vienna itself grow from 400,000 in 1850 to 1,800,000 in 1900. It was city full of cafes, music and early cinema now known as the ODEON. It was an era full of artistic freedom that saw many artists local and international exhibit there work. The first exhibition was in 1898 in the Vienna Secession Building with works for artists such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Giovanni Segantini and Van Gough along side the works of a good proportion of Belgian Artists.

Today the Secession is the world’s oldest gallery devoted entirely to the presentation of modern art. Even today, its primary objective is to show current developments in Austrian and international art, in fact there exhibit “A CENTURY OF ARTISTIC FREEDOM” 1998 marked the hundred anniversary of first exhibition in 1898.

It was a time where art did not only belong to the artsit but also to the critic, it was a time where art was free in away where artists where free to exhibit there work all over the world for all to see, there were no private exhibits so their work was open to all to critisize or praise.

And so we come to an end

When we first started the CMT lectures I didn’t think that in any way they related to our practical, however like many things the link was subtle. In fact it is only now that I am looking back on both at once that I have noticed it.
The lecture on the global village highlighted how technology has changed our lives, we have many ways of keeping in touch with people and sharing information which tied into our brief in our practical classes because our job was to inform people about the design festival and design in Dundee. Because of this lecture I wanted to do something more tactile than just a screen however after much idea brainstorming the group as a whole settled with something that was tactile but also an idea that utilised the idea of information sharing in allowing people to text their votes about where an arrow would be placed.
It is not easy to see whether or not our idea would be different without having the lecture programs. Yes our idea did evolve through the semester but this could either have been through the lectures or through the process of continually evaluating what we did. The CMT lectures did not have a direct effect on the project because they were very different from our practical project but we managed to draw from them an idea of how to move the old from the new, the moving image lecture made me see how you can make people look at things in a different way because some of the artists made films by lying things directly on the film instead of filming objects through the lens.
Even some of the very specialist lectures such as the Disney lecture helped the project in a way because it taught us to be very careful what content we are using as even things that a less obviously offensive to us can offend certain groups of people.
The comic book lecture had some effect on me as it has shown me the different ways you can present information depending on what it is you are wanting to say and wanting to do there is the old saying of a picture says a thousand words (or something along those lines) which sums up comics perfectly and made me think that sometimes images are better than explaining outright what it is you are doing.
CMT was an immensely fun set of lectures which not only helped our design studies project but also our IMD work. They have taught me a lot about how to represent information and what is the best medium for your work but also from this I have come to my own conclusions about how technology is not always the best answer in a lot of situations. It is a very big part of life and very helpful but it is not always the answer. CMT has taught me in a strange way not to always jump to digital as a solution but to choose the best medium for the job at hand.

Final Post: Relating History & Theory learnt to the Six Cities project

While learning about the history and theory of art and design I have come to realise the change in the work that I have produced and realised the origin of some of the practices that I follow and use everyday.

The great exhibition is exactly the sort of atmosphere and show that the six cities festival wants to create. This was really influential in how I perceived the six cities design project. Before the lecture I perceived it like a concept show or even a carnival. But the great exhibition gave me a real focused view which helped in creating a foundation for my initial ideas.

Jonathan's lecture of the gothic architectural really helped me too look at Dundee in a different way. As part of research I aimed to pick out design features of Dundee to outline to the locals and visitors (the target market) what they are and why they are design features. The lecture helped me pick out things I wouldn't have done before with the gothic styled centre church window a prominent example.

The Art nouveau and Art Deco lectures were again essential in the research part of the design process. Timorous beasties adopted an art noveau style of pattern which I would have not noticed if it wasn't for the lecture. It helped me identify certain design styles and helped me to differentiate my idea so that it is unique in a crowd of design items.

The Russian movement lecture outlined and inspired me to look to others for competition and not for inspiration. I was very competitive to create the best product available which I thought was the key to success. But I deliberately didn't look at the work for others for inspiration. I thought 'blue sky' as much as possible with my team steering me in the right way.

The Futurism lecture and the lectures after, took place too late to make an impact on my project. But as a person the futurism lecture has inflamed my passion for Italy. I don't know why I like Italy so much....there is no logical explanation. But where has this influence come from? I guess my brain chooses to like Italy as there design is well documented/promoted/and successful.

As I was educated in England History lessons have largely been based on the World Wars and the Romans. My religious faith and it's up bringing has lead to me having a vast knowledge of Islamic culture, its history and design. This has largely influenced my design as I am aware of design tricks implemented in those days. I understand propaganda, symmetry, ratios of interest, balance, the history of colour, the use of colour, the history of paint, the use of paint, the properties of certain shapes, moods, atmosphere etc This has greatly influenced my preferences and relates to a style which can be clearly definable as mine with the group with my choice of font, colour, texture, technology etc. I have learnt that my preference of design is my style which I have shown in the final product made which I have clearly reasoned in the presentation to the viewers.

The above is the reason why my final product looks the way it does. But can I make such comparisons to any thought? I'm thinking that does this blog mean anything. I have shown what I have used as my influence in design for the festival but can I relate any theory to anything that befits my product? I think so as a design principle could be applied to any product which was not intended. So analysing can be done in more ways than one... mainly terms of affect and effect. Effect in terms of intention and affect in terms of practice. The thing that I can take away with me from this is my theory on three theories of design:
-Function follows form
-Form follows function
-Form independent of function
and my interpretation of affect and effect as internal and external success factors of design.

I know it's not my best blog. I've tried to carry out the task given which i have had difficulty relating to a book or a website as reference to my thoughts. I guess it's personal. My style!



This lecture was interesting and got me fueled up abit. the videos we were shown were american, and americans have this blaming society. if something happens blame someone, its never your fault. i hate this way of thinking, in britain we now have accident claim lines. the word "accident" suggests no one is to blame so how can you name a company with hipocritical names like National-Accident-Helpline?....i belive this blame culture has come from america mainly.

if someone who listens to heavy metal murders some one ,parents will automatically blame the bands lyrics for the violent act commited. also if someone was to take a bands lyrics literally then i think its an issue with the person, not the band.

if a child picks up a gun and shoots someone, and just so happened to watch a chuck norris film or play DOOM then yes, it probably aided in the shooting. however WHERE WERE THE PARENTS! games and films have age limits for reasons, yet some parents will allow a 8 year old to watch rambo. ok so the age limits are harsh, but parents should see them as guidance, and just know their child enough to know if they are mature enough to handle a violent film or game.

so the marine core use doom to train soldiers. however, in their training their told to kill the enemy, to defeat your apponant. doom is used more becuase it increases aim and reaction times. to commit the physical act of murder take some mental problems before you would willingly pick up a gun and shoot someone... war is different as you dont know the enemy and your trained to kill, no questions, just kill. however soldiers who have killed can develope mental health problems.

my parents never let me watch films that they thought were unsuitable or play games that were too violent when i was younger. now i do play violent games and drive fast cars on the streets of bayview in Need for Speed. however i dont kill people or drive fast cars.

i tihnk better parents is required, not for game manufactors stopping violent games.

Virtual Reality

The lecture was sometime ago, ive been busy so i havent blogged in a while. i took a few main points form the lecture though. first of all the DVD was old, but it did still highlight the key points to what VR is and why its hard. VR and graphics technology has moved on a long way since. and im going to kind of blog about the advances, and why its still not photorealistic.

Photorealism has been achieved now, however only in CGI animation. example
To get this realism it takes huge amounts of computing power. each molecules path has to be figured out using particle physics. Water, fire and smoke are the hardest substances to plot due to the fluid nature of them. this means that for VR we cannot get photorealistic graphics with todays computing power. Computer games showoff realtime graphics the most. Becuase of the huge finantional drive behind computer games and the hardware needed to run them the best indication of where graphics are is in games. at the moment the drive in game developers to create better and better graphics is huge thanks to the realese of the XBox 360 and PS3(sometime next year, when i have no idea, keeps getting moved back). In PC based hardware Graphics card are getting faster and faster by the daay and with direct-x10(DirectX allows programs to interface with and use built in high speed 3D graphic routines on graphic cards for faster processing.) out the drive is even harder.

so when will we have photorealism in VR? i think its a long way off, good graphics are here, and almost realistic, but to get true realism is very hard. although it not just looks, animating the human form is one of the hardest animations. to get realistic animation combines with realistic animation i think is far into the future.

The Great War

Jonathan gave a really interesting and interactive lecture.

The question raised was:
Which one is more important Effect or Affect? To give an example relating to the lecture he showed us two posters. One from the U.K. and another from mainland Europe. Analysing the poster I was quick to realise that the U.K. Poster had a better affect than effect and vice versa for the european mainland poster.

Just to make things clearer what is the definition of effect and affect. Well from my understanding:
Effect- is in "theory" what a poster does
Affect- is in "practice" what a poster does
Do you agree with this?

The posters in question are:

The British poster is much more to the point! The main aim of the poster is to PERSUADE people to join the army. They do this by giving the men knowledge and another reason to join the army. Hence the poster has great affect but not effect as the visuals are not imaginative or creative...more realistic to help the viewer empaphise to see what would happen to them if they joined the army.

The European poster is much harder to understand despite the lack of languange. It requires more intelligence to understand what the purpose/message of the poster is. Therefore it takes a great time to think and reflect upon the message tried to be given which won't be done at a glance at looking at the poster. Hence this poster is less affective. But the effect using imagination and illustration and the theory of thinking is far advanced than the other poster.

So here the U.K. poster has been heralded as the more succcessful poster. Or is it? I think throughout the time of my blogs i have refered to culture and in this case the audience and viewers of the poster. The european culture is more in touch with the artistic side. Hence art and design movements have largely occured in France, Italy, Russia and Austria. So to think that the posters if swapped round would make same statistical reading would be foolish. The culture dictated how the posters had to be made. Europeans don't like being told what to do. They have a passion for perfection with every aspect from language to lifestyle. Do you truely believe that this poster was not in line with these trends? I think both posters was successful in converting the minds of as many people possible as far as posters can. It was the gullable minds of the British and other campaigns which helped larger turnouts for the British than the Europeans. Do you agree or disagree?

Please comment...reply's given on this board.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

William morris or the Arts and Crafts Movement? Mass production vs craftsman ship?

Morris better known for his poetry but amoung designers it has to be his decorating style, revolutionary it was natural and embraced the mass production of its time. It has been said "Morris was such a perfectionist about color that for weeks his hands were dyed blue as he sloshed around with dye vats searching for the perfect hue.." His style was not influenced by the victorian idea of higher beings but by the gothic, medieval style. Morris believed everything should be "beautiful and functional".

I agree his was one of the most innovative fathers of modern graphic design and most memorable are his wallpapers with he drew by hand and printed using pearwood blocks.
Although Morris's works where very much mass produced he was a beliver in that

" men are grown mechanical in head and heart, as well as in hand. They have lost faith in individual endeavour, and in natural force of any kind.."
- Thomas Caryle, Edinburgh Review 1892

This is still something i think that very much still applies today and maybe even more so now that we have computers doing everything for us.. Will we ever learn? and do you think we have become lazy as a race? I think so could we build the three pyramids of Gisa again?

The Arts and Crafts Movement very much challanged the victorian attitude of the time. It was a time of social reform and man such as Walter Crane and John Ruskin inspired to this. It was a time for workmen not to suffer in the working conditions of many a factory but time to time pride in their craftsmanship and skill - a time for the individual..

The movement opposed mass production on a large scale, mass produced was to be low in quality, color and design the result was shobby products. Thus the idea was to produce one ofs for the people by the people, not machine...

It was a age very mush concerned with aesthetic and idea were borrowed from Medieval Europe and other Islamic sources. Aestheitc was so important that in England the movement became known as the "Aesthetic Style". No adays the situation is very much the the same if you want beautiful decorative done by a craftsman you had to pay for it so mass production is still the easy option but dosen't anyone worry that in the future there will be no skill craftsman or very few. We are forgetting to use the tools we were born with!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we will have an Arts and Crafts Movement of our own time....
Heres hoping???

Friday, December 08, 2006

violence and the media

Violence is a very large part of the media, violent images, lyrics and games make up quite a large part of our everyday expearince and for the most part not much is said about it but every so often something awful will happen that is blamed on the media.
Shootings, sucides and violent acts commited in real life will every so often be blamed on stuff that has been in the media either directly (they blame a piece of media) or indirectly (the media picks up on something in their life that they feel may have caused the crime).
This page shows just how many crimes are blamed on media and thats just in Canada. These reports show that 1) children will imitate what they see on tv and 2) people will refrence films and games in their trials. In the case with the child mimicing wrestling with his baby cousin he probably didnt intentionly mean to hurt the baby and was being boisterous as children will be. This is not an excuse for his behavior but it shows that the kid was looking for a game to play and pulled an idea from tv. This is what i believe happens in the cases of the murders. People who can bring themselves to kill another human being will not just have that planted by seeing something on a film or hearing it in music, that little bit of them that allowed them to commit murder when anyone else would not had to have been there a long time before. I feel this is very obvious because a lot of people who watch horror films do not go out and mutilate someone. I believe that saying you saw the thing that you did on a film/ television or heard it in some song should not ever and i mean EVER be an excuse.
On a small side not there is something the media does which is related to this in loose way. A few years ago a young girl was killed in the Lothians. Her boyfriend was a prime suspect. One day in the paper it was said how her boyfriend had satanic symbols and strange poems on his school work and that he listened to music such as Marilyn Manson. I have brought this up because it only seems that when a person listens to rock or metal and rap that their music is brought up. Its as if the media expects that these types of music mean a certain of behavior from these people. Well what about all the petty crimes caused by fans of different pop bands. I think that rock especially is brought up in connection with crimes because of its power and image of rebellion but these things should not be put into the media as it could sway peoples opinions.
As a summing up after my short tangent i would just like to say do people become violent because of a saturation of violent images and words or do they seek out this images because they already have a violent streak they need to fufil?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The representation of violence in media

Media is a range of different things including games, Hollywood, Advertising and TV.
The lecture talked about how violence was pervasive in the industry as it was what people wanted to see. It also talked about happy violence such as Shakespeare, which was artistic violence.
It then went onto the effects such as if they show violence that people would behave violent. It then went onto cultivation, which is story telling violence. Also they talked about realism and abstraction of violence such as violence in cartoons. How in cartoons they get away with violence even in kids cartoons. It also talked about the army using games to help them in training.


Id think that if kids are watching violent cartoons at a young age surely this would have kids being violent too. I also think that it is nonsense that people think that games could make people be violent. If someone were going to carry out a violent act it wouldn’t have anything to do with games.


It is to do with accuracy and gunshots. Although people in the army are violent when they need to be I’m sure its more likely to be the intense training and the strict rules rather than the computer games the play in there training. They are moulded into what the army want.

These articles make some very interesting point. The first one found on is about the effects of media on people. It talks about different studies, how violence in media doesn’t affect children although some people think it does.

“Hagell & Newburn (1994) found only that the young offenders watched less television and video than their counterparts, had less access to the technology in the first place, had no particular interest in specifically violent programs, and either enjoyed the same material as non-offending teenagers or were simply uninterested.”

I think that this shows that media has no effect on people committing violent acts. I believe that it doesn’t and feel that in the news the actual violence is held back to save people from reality.

This article on goes against the above one saying that games do have an effect on males. They monitored the activity of the brain while playing a violent video game and said that they were affected by it.

“Violent video games appear to put the human brain in a mood to fight, according to a new study from Michigan State University.”


I think not.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Deconstructing disney

This lecture contained many things about disney that i heard rumours about since i started using the internet extensivly, the way they portray women, the racism, but i, like many others of my age, was brought up on the Disney cartoons and feel that it is only now in retrospect that these things become apparent.
In the lecture it was suggested that Beauty and the Beast portrayed domestic violence and that the beast was like an abusive husband that Belle keeps returning to hoping she can change him. My own memories of Beauty and the Beast are being very scared of Gaston and feeling sorry for the beast, even watching the clips of Beauty and the Beast in the lecture didnt make me think thats that what it portrayed. Like all forms of media people draw what they like from it.
There has been many critisms of Disney for the way they portray classic stories but wouldnt there have been more of an outcry if the stories were delivered properly. Can you imagine what would have happened to Disney Studios if at the end of the film she turned into sea foam like i nthe proper story. Happy endings are added for a reason. Children do not need to know the harsh reality of life as soon as they watch their first cartoon. Children want to believe that heros will always be there to save the day, that love is magical, that evil will always be defeated. Children are not stupid they know that this cartoon world of dragons and faeries is not a real one and although it may cross into their play its not affecting them in any real way.
I do admit however that the way that Disney portrays different races and women is a little politicly incorrect but Disney started life years ago when those types of stereotypes were the norm and maybe it is finding it hard to break itself out of the cycle or maybe it hasnt noticed how it is protraying things. No that doesnt make it right but it may explain why there is still these images. I think that as long as these films arnt doign any harm to children we should let them have their idealised view of the world because all too soon they will learn what the world is like and have to grow up.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Russian Revolution

Why were the Russians so successful in creating designs far before it's times? As hard of a question this is to answer I aim to show my one narrow view to spark off a few theories of your own. Please comment.

Richard Carr outlined how, for example, the architecture drawings that were produced were far before it's times in terms of design. The pictures shown were really appealing to me now in 2007 and if built in Dundee would look more spectacular than many, if not all of the new buildings being built now.

I think it is because of "Blue Sky" thinking. Thinking of ideas to a solution or just to better something which was so lateral to anything that is, was and is going to be produced in design was the key to producing future designs. Trying to think of something that is never done before is hard in this day and age where design surrounds us and clouds our creativity. What if you had no home....what if you had no food...what if you were deprived of the luxuries that surround us today...would it help our blue sky thinking. YES! That is what is dragging us down we aspire to have things that already exist and don't aspire to have things that we want that don't exist. The Russians did this and I feel that this is what gave them the edge. Do you agree?

The inspiration from America should be mentioned but can't backfire the above argument as they wanted something better than America and something America didn't have! Comments appreciated and replied on this page.


Futurism...What do you think?

This is a concept/style of design influenced by Italian designers and is the starting point of Italians moving into design/Art. Is it? I think that the Romans personified design. They were the empire which took the best of one countries solution to a problem to solve the same elsewhere. They were the people who gathered and promoted education and philosophy which sparked of what they are in great detail now. No stage in history could be matched with the influence that the Romans had on design. They weren’t the inventors of the solutions...they took them from one country and showed the empire... the start of mass design! Pompeii art has particularly sparked this source of my passion for the Romans.
The BBC are well known for the programme "What the Romans did for us" presented by Adam-Hart-Davis. (Won Television award for the best TV programme series). He inspires me and feeds me knowledge into the barebones thinking to this innovative empire.
And recently BBC radio 4 is having a group of discussions on the roman life and the empire and how the time after that empire has never been as successful.
Do you agree that Romans were the pioneers for the strong link of Italy's design?

Back to futurism as a concept/style of art/design. A quote of poetry that made my pen write it down was
"Beauty of car better than a race by a winged creature of Greece" Do you agree?
To a degree I do. The form of a Greek creature is to be defined. If it is of a form of woman drawing my attention to God's perfect and most beautiful creation then I would disagree. But films like the fast and furious...sports like rally racing and FORMULA 1 are purely funded by the interest of people and the beast that they drive. The concept of a race is of no interest as they are the same but the passion that people have with the beauty of the car i.e. the kit ups in the fast and furious creates a spectacle to be admired. Competition to create new technologies in these areas is fierce sparking innovation from technologies that even NASA use and vice-versa. This passion is futurism in my eye' you agree?

Comments appreciated