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Monday, October 30, 2006

Why can be not just create O-Zone? (Environmental Design)

Hello all! As there were no lectures that I could Blog productively on, I have decided to do one on the current debate on the Environment.

The government has plans to tax the car user soooo much in the future to the extent that people stop people using cars at all! This as a view of having no cars on the road is great....all fine...but what are we supposed to do without them? Plus this will effect only the mass less wealthy people and not the wealthy ones who it is the main aim to cut down.

My view on this is that the Government is taking this the wrong way. It is taxing so that people leave their cars. But their is no alternative. The transport system in the U.K. is really bad and expensive. So that is not the alternative.I own a bike. It is impossible to ride on the roads without atleast one time in your journey a "fat cat" in his Landrover beeps you and almost runs you over. So that is dangerous. Walking? Do you know how long it takes! In our busy life style we donot have the time to spend walking to places such as school, activity centres, work, shops etc. Plus are the streets safe for your children to walk on? With paedophilia on the increase and the prisoner re-offending rate increasing would it be wise? There is no other transport option. That is where design must step in....Why have a car at all! Why try producing a car which runs on electricity but takes more energy and pollution making it (Honda Prius)! Why not have a Chuklevision cart using the mechanics knowledge of gears to make things easier?

The taxation on energy is also stupid. Taxation on the humble washing machine and light bulb! What is the alternative, the government are not doing enough...they say they are to implement 20% renewable energyby a fluctuating time. So why 20% renewable energy and 100% tax? It's just out of proportion. What about the government's street lighting? Is it necessary in some areas? Do they have to be soo close together. Do they use energy efficient LED's instead of Bulbs?

So what difference will it make if all polluting transportation in the U.K. were banned. A recent report reveals that China will increase their pollution production to replace our saving in just 76 days!

So to the title question. Why in a day and age where science is developing so fast have we not yet found a way of creating/repairing the o-zone layer. If you can clone the cells of a human being can you not make a simple gas. If it is complicated why not clone the gas!...or something beacuse that is a short term fix that we need if the world is to survive.

Maybe it's just me and the process is actually more difficult....following the theory of my last blog , why has the cure for cancer and aids not here? Why is the o-zone layer not repairable? Maybe the answer is that our brains are reaching a peak or has peaked in history with minds such as Einstein, Newton & Brunel and now we are having to adopt so much more thinking that we cannot cope with the harder/high thatquantity of challenges are to follow.

This is an important issue....please comment even if you agree, disagree or have no veiw at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting points you make there, Don. What's your take on the voters voting AGAINST fortnightly bin collections in the Bolton Borough, despite it costing them more money to bring weekly bin collections back and ultimately meaning taxes have to be raised, which will annoy the general public?

12:53 PM  
Blogger DonLobania said...

That is a domestic issue that again has to filter out through to the designer and the supermarkets. It's not the people's fault they just have too much rubbish and it's not the council's fault cos services cost money.

The designer must find an environmentally friendly space saving way to package food in order for the problem to be resolved and companies such as Tesco willing to adopt this as a way to save the environmet even if it does effect a little amount on their huge profits.

12:58 PM  
Blogger chris p said...

thought you might be interested in a documentry i saw on the beeb some time ago, cant remember then name of it, think it may of been an horizon. but the hole in the o zone layer is healing its self. but another think about global warming, this my anger some people, but since the dawn of time the earths temperature has always been rising and falling, an effect that people fail to metion is global cooling which happens very high up in the atmosphere, with out it the temperature around the globe would be much much higher. yes the earth is gettin warmer, but will sort itself out in the end. we are however cutting down too many tree's, and producing too much CO2, but thats a biproduct of our large population.

your point about cars i agree with to, i used to ride around dundee, its dangerous, you need your wits about you at all times, drivers are happy to run you off the road, especially buses! i have not been riding recently as a:i bought a car (time to throw money in to the wind) and b: because i was gettin some very close calls with cars. in the winter i will be drving as last year i got ill from cycling in the cold and wet. the road are now to dangerous, there is not need for land rovers, bmw X5's, X3's or other HUGE off road cars thats are useless of road. there a danger to other road users as they weigh more, if one was to hit my feista at say 30mph, it would waste me, i dont want to think about any higher speed cos it scares me. so i like the 4x4 tax thats been introduced, but i also thinks it applied wrong. it is an extra tax for those using 4x4 cars, however it should just be for large engined off road 4x4's, but it is applied to a 1.2litre fiat panda because it has 4 wheel drive for safety. that is silly, fiat make a small efficent car to get a huge tax thrown on it for having power to all 4 wheels. the goverments ways of taxing the road user are stupid, however this is going to change. i belive road tax is going to become a tihng of the past for people to pay per mile with some stupid box in your car which im sure infirnges some privacy laws. although they have not thought, instead of making these boxes that do many complicated thing, and then feed that information back to a main server which will cost money to set up, why not tax fuel more, the more you use you car the more fuel you use, the bigger the engine the more fuel you use. say petrol/diesel went from 83.9 pence a litre to £1 a litre, it would cost me £5 more a tank, there fore i as i use 1 tank every 2 weeks then i would pay £130 more a year, which is what i pay on road tax every year. makes sence doesnt it...

we need a push in better cars too, modern cars have got to heavy. this decreases fuel econmy. if a car is light, then the engine can do much less work, it can be smaller too. colin chapmen started the car company lotus, i have much respect for him, his motoe was "just add lightness" and all his cars were light. the lotus exige is a sports car but only weighs 700kgs. it uses a 1.8 litre engine and will get 38mpg(combined) and can get to 60 in just 4 seconds. lotus are branching in to family cars soon too. should keep a watch on that, may change how most car manufactures deign their cars. EU safety regulatons dont help either, their new laws on car safety has weighed them down too, however the weight is point less, in 2002 side impact bars were made a legal requirement. however they are so low down in an side impact accident they do very little. also cars have to better for when they hit people, this has destroyed aroedynamics, which also ruins fuel efficency.

right, ive gone on for way too long, sorry man. i have some very stong views on this topic.

9:23 AM  
Blogger DonLobania said...

Well done chris you can see the passion that you have with cars which has influenced this response.

The petrol taxing is a good idea but the government already tax's us on fuel and it will become the normal expense of driving adopted and will not be seen as a deterant for driving.(I Fear)

Another point of the o-zone repairing itself is a real interesting one. I have not reads that and i might research that and make a blog on it. But i'm glad you picked up on the increasing population of the world. As china is becoming more wealthy and population increasing at a fonominal rate all over the world the resources are running out and c02 is being produced in an extraordinary increasing pace. Some sort of global population control must take place as i have heard that the world will be over populated by the year 2050 by a university (of dundee) lecturer who gave a talk on my forensic science friend.

Good comment....need more on my other will make you think.


4:23 PM  
Anonymous Kempton said...

You are right that taxing car without providing an improved transportation system can be asking for trouble.

If you are interested in the environment and clean technology, I have written a post that you may find interesting.


6:25 PM  

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