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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Futurism...What do you think?

This is a concept/style of design influenced by Italian designers and is the starting point of Italians moving into design/Art. Is it? I think that the Romans personified design. They were the empire which took the best of one countries solution to a problem to solve the same elsewhere. They were the people who gathered and promoted education and philosophy which sparked of what they are in great detail now. No stage in history could be matched with the influence that the Romans had on design. They weren’t the inventors of the solutions...they took them from one country and showed the empire... the start of mass design! Pompeii art has particularly sparked this source of my passion for the Romans.
The BBC are well known for the programme "What the Romans did for us" presented by Adam-Hart-Davis. (Won Television award for the best TV programme series). He inspires me and feeds me knowledge into the barebones thinking to this innovative empire.
And recently BBC radio 4 is having a group of discussions on the roman life and the empire and how the time after that empire has never been as successful.
Do you agree that Romans were the pioneers for the strong link of Italy's design?

Back to futurism as a concept/style of art/design. A quote of poetry that made my pen write it down was
"Beauty of car better than a race by a winged creature of Greece" Do you agree?
To a degree I do. The form of a Greek creature is to be defined. If it is of a form of woman drawing my attention to God's perfect and most beautiful creation then I would disagree. But films like the fast and furious...sports like rally racing and FORMULA 1 are purely funded by the interest of people and the beast that they drive. The concept of a race is of no interest as they are the same but the passion that people have with the beauty of the car i.e. the kit ups in the fast and furious creates a spectacle to be admired. Competition to create new technologies in these areas is fierce sparking innovation from technologies that even NASA use and vice-versa. This passion is futurism in my eye' you agree?

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