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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Art nouveau…Not worth the hype.

This is my blog about the art nouveau movement lecture given by Richard Carr. I went away of the lecture with the knowledge that art nouveau is a load of curves and got images as examples.

I don’t know about you guys but I found that to be Richard carr’s first boring lecture. I mean it didn’t inspire me it didn’t make me at anytime look at the board and think “That’s good”. I thought it was because I am constantly tired and that with a combination of dimmed lighting may have affected my mood. But I have been more tired and found at least one thing where I have said I like that. He gave just a list of main artists and designers showing the main products. All in my opinion were boring or un interesting. I tell a lie the Bernard story was amusing and the pictures sick and wrong which did bring a smile. But even the examples of mackintosh that he showed were…boring. I could have got what he had got from the net. He didn’t show us what he felt were inspirational examples of art nouveau but rather the key points along the way. So I had to do my own research on the art nouveau movement to find what I find inspiring about the era. My research follows:

I like this railing as an example of contemporary art nouveau as it show's great iron monger craftmanship and makes a change to the "bog standard" railing being implemented by low budget council's at the moment. The fact that it hasn't gone "over the top with the style also compliments in creating a nice image in my head.

I like this as an example of art nouveau as it show's the flow of lines clearly and not over powering with the connection to plant's with the use of colours. (As shown in richard car's first poem {not to hand})

(I'm in an absolute rage as at this point i had finished my blog but it randomly...for no reason at all decided to delete itself argh!!!!!!)

This is an excellent example of what i expected to see from Richard Carr's lecture. It show's furniture made from timber (the best material in my opinion by far) in the art nouveau style. The product again in that room would make me clastraphobic and dizzy as there is too many features happening for me. A normal room with the table only would be bettter as it would emphasise the feature better. A quote from the typography lecture can be said here that:
Don't be afraid of space, it can often make things
There are many examples that i put but have been deleted and now i have no time. So please forgive me and except this as my blog and to prove a point that there are better examples of art nouvaeu style. Tell me what you think, all comments appreciated.


Anonymous Kempton said...

Lovely examples of Art nouveau. Too bad the post self-destructed and some of the examples were lost.

Sorry to hear you had a boring Richard Carr lecture. Here is some advice from an old fart -- Have you thought of making Carr's lecture less boring by interrupting him and asking him a question? Knowing how a master (I presume Carr is good at what he does) thinks and reasons is a lot more important than what he "lists". Just my 2 cents and humble opinion.


6:15 PM  

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