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Monday, October 02, 2006

My first Random Rant...Sorry Blog


This is my first blog so please forgive me for any mistakes that I make.

I do like blogging but the thing is that in my life I don’t have time to spend as long as this on the internet. On the internet alone I go on:
- University e-mail
- University VLE
- Hotmail/MSN Messenger
- Ebay/PayPal
- Google News/BBC News

All Necessary and all time consuming. Then in my life at the moment I have no time to go one the computers either:
-6am ~ 9am, Work (M&S)
-9am ~ 1pm, Work (Uni)
-1pm ~ 2pm, Mosque
-2pm ~ 5pm, Work (Uni)
-5pm ~ 10.30pm, Mosque/Serving food
-10.30pm ~ Whenever, Uni Homework
-Whenever ~ 6am, Sleep/Get ready for the next fun filled day!

Weekend...What weekend?
There's the cooking, cleaning, ironing, more work.... I mean I have to do this to survive at uni. I have no wife (yet) I have no parents support because they are poor and too far. Now you want me to find time in my week to put up a blog....not bloody likely....I’ll try my best but I have no internet at my flat which doesn't help and like you see I have no time.

But as the first one let's do the proper work shall we, what are you hoping to get out of DHTP/CMT? How do you think it will help you in practice? What do you think will be most interesting?

What is DHTP/CMT? Let me have a look. The human mind does not have time to remember all these silly abbreviations that this "fast world" is churning out every minute. Well I do the DHTP I am told, which is Design History Theory and Practice. Why they don't call it Design History is beyond me. I am hoping to get knowledge of the key design changes that have occurred in history before I was born. I must grasp this knowledge in order to make myself competitive in an industry with old fogies! But more to a company's advantage,

'History repeats itself'

So I must have this knowledge so that I can follow trends and past events to predict the fashion and design that customers will buy tomorrow. It is also interesting to pick up influences of the past in order to solve a problem of today. For example the fashion industry realises that the trend of long jeans/trousers means that they rip/fray from the bottom and sometimes drag creating more cleaning for me to do. But now they have brought forward the 3/4 jogging pants. In order to emulate this in other products I must understand past design and why it was like it was.

Sorry for it being so long.... I have tried to make it interesting to read... honest.

Random quote:

'Women, can't live with them, Can't live without them'



Anonymous Kempton said...

Dear Imran,

First of all, thanks for your comments in my blog and I felt like checking out yours and leave you my 2 cents. And I love helping students. I am going to comment in points form here and I am going to speak about design as if I know something (which I don't). (smile)

- Don't worry. In fact, "Make mistakes faster!"
Bruce Mau is a great Canadian that I love to read. Start by his neat manifesto.
- TED has some really cool stuff, start by checking out Ross Lovegrove's talk from here
- this may be interesting for you too when you need to do any web design. Communication Arts is a good magazine to read.
- Check out IDEO

I guess I am getting too old and I love to teach and help. Thus I spoke about all of the above as if I know something. Ah, thats the price you had to pay when you deal with old fart like me.

Do keep me posted once in a while by leaving me comments in my blog or email if you have something really interesting to say.

Good luck and all the best,

8:34 PM  
Blogger DonLobania said...

Thanks (kempton) I appreciate your links and if/when i have timei will look through them and give you my views...thanks!

8:28 AM  

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