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Saturday, December 09, 2006

William morris or the Arts and Crafts Movement? Mass production vs craftsman ship?

Morris better known for his poetry but amoung designers it has to be his decorating style, revolutionary it was natural and embraced the mass production of its time. It has been said "Morris was such a perfectionist about color that for weeks his hands were dyed blue as he sloshed around with dye vats searching for the perfect hue.." His style was not influenced by the victorian idea of higher beings but by the gothic, medieval style. Morris believed everything should be "beautiful and functional".

I agree his was one of the most innovative fathers of modern graphic design and most memorable are his wallpapers with he drew by hand and printed using pearwood blocks.
Although Morris's works where very much mass produced he was a beliver in that

" men are grown mechanical in head and heart, as well as in hand. They have lost faith in individual endeavour, and in natural force of any kind.."
- Thomas Caryle, Edinburgh Review 1892

This is still something i think that very much still applies today and maybe even more so now that we have computers doing everything for us.. Will we ever learn? and do you think we have become lazy as a race? I think so could we build the three pyramids of Gisa again?

The Arts and Crafts Movement very much challanged the victorian attitude of the time. It was a time of social reform and man such as Walter Crane and John Ruskin inspired to this. It was a time for workmen not to suffer in the working conditions of many a factory but time to time pride in their craftsmanship and skill - a time for the individual..

The movement opposed mass production on a large scale, mass produced was to be low in quality, color and design the result was shobby products. Thus the idea was to produce one ofs for the people by the people, not machine...

It was a age very mush concerned with aesthetic and idea were borrowed from Medieval Europe and other Islamic sources. Aestheitc was so important that in England the movement became known as the "Aesthetic Style". No adays the situation is very much the the same if you want beautiful decorative done by a craftsman you had to pay for it so mass production is still the easy option but dosen't anyone worry that in the future there will be no skill craftsman or very few. We are forgetting to use the tools we were born with!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we will have an Arts and Crafts Movement of our own time....
Heres hoping???


Blogger DonLobania said...

Good Blog Ina.

You have raised an interesting point with the individualism of items around us something which i picked up upon my blog about the lecture.

I guess use the machines while we can is the approach. The future is uncertain with the earth resources drying up and global warming fears the manufacture of products will have to go back to skilled labour by hand in my opinion. Resources such as electricity to make comodity items will become pointless when the costs escalate relating to high demand and low supply of these resources.

Maybe this is another era to look back upon which we are living through right now. The "mass manufacture shift" My own theory being the products created by machines for the sake of making them out of machines. Even though it might be profitable to make products by hand in low quantities as demand needs it company's greed for money has meant that products are now mass manufactured to flood the market with more small profit products instead less more profit products.

I know it's a bit long winded but i hope you understand my thoughts...hope to read a reply to this comment.


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