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Monday, December 11, 2006

Virtual Reality

The lecture was sometime ago, ive been busy so i havent blogged in a while. i took a few main points form the lecture though. first of all the DVD was old, but it did still highlight the key points to what VR is and why its hard. VR and graphics technology has moved on a long way since. and im going to kind of blog about the advances, and why its still not photorealistic.

Photorealism has been achieved now, however only in CGI animation. example
To get this realism it takes huge amounts of computing power. each molecules path has to be figured out using particle physics. Water, fire and smoke are the hardest substances to plot due to the fluid nature of them. this means that for VR we cannot get photorealistic graphics with todays computing power. Computer games showoff realtime graphics the most. Becuase of the huge finantional drive behind computer games and the hardware needed to run them the best indication of where graphics are is in games. at the moment the drive in game developers to create better and better graphics is huge thanks to the realese of the XBox 360 and PS3(sometime next year, when i have no idea, keeps getting moved back). In PC based hardware Graphics card are getting faster and faster by the daay and with direct-x10(DirectX allows programs to interface with and use built in high speed 3D graphic routines on graphic cards for faster processing.) out the drive is even harder.

so when will we have photorealism in VR? i think its a long way off, good graphics are here, and almost realistic, but to get true realism is very hard. although it not just looks, animating the human form is one of the hardest animations. to get realistic animation combines with realistic animation i think is far into the future.


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