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Monday, December 11, 2006


This lecture was interesting and got me fueled up abit. the videos we were shown were american, and americans have this blaming society. if something happens blame someone, its never your fault. i hate this way of thinking, in britain we now have accident claim lines. the word "accident" suggests no one is to blame so how can you name a company with hipocritical names like National-Accident-Helpline?....i belive this blame culture has come from america mainly.

if someone who listens to heavy metal murders some one ,parents will automatically blame the bands lyrics for the violent act commited. also if someone was to take a bands lyrics literally then i think its an issue with the person, not the band.

if a child picks up a gun and shoots someone, and just so happened to watch a chuck norris film or play DOOM then yes, it probably aided in the shooting. however WHERE WERE THE PARENTS! games and films have age limits for reasons, yet some parents will allow a 8 year old to watch rambo. ok so the age limits are harsh, but parents should see them as guidance, and just know their child enough to know if they are mature enough to handle a violent film or game.

so the marine core use doom to train soldiers. however, in their training their told to kill the enemy, to defeat your apponant. doom is used more becuase it increases aim and reaction times. to commit the physical act of murder take some mental problems before you would willingly pick up a gun and shoot someone... war is different as you dont know the enemy and your trained to kill, no questions, just kill. however soldiers who have killed can develope mental health problems.

my parents never let me watch films that they thought were unsuitable or play games that were too violent when i was younger. now i do play violent games and drive fast cars on the streets of bayview in Need for Speed. however i dont kill people or drive fast cars.

i tihnk better parents is required, not for game manufactors stopping violent games.


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