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Friday, December 08, 2006

violence and the media

Violence is a very large part of the media, violent images, lyrics and games make up quite a large part of our everyday expearince and for the most part not much is said about it but every so often something awful will happen that is blamed on the media.
Shootings, sucides and violent acts commited in real life will every so often be blamed on stuff that has been in the media either directly (they blame a piece of media) or indirectly (the media picks up on something in their life that they feel may have caused the crime).
This page shows just how many crimes are blamed on media and thats just in Canada. These reports show that 1) children will imitate what they see on tv and 2) people will refrence films and games in their trials. In the case with the child mimicing wrestling with his baby cousin he probably didnt intentionly mean to hurt the baby and was being boisterous as children will be. This is not an excuse for his behavior but it shows that the kid was looking for a game to play and pulled an idea from tv. This is what i believe happens in the cases of the murders. People who can bring themselves to kill another human being will not just have that planted by seeing something on a film or hearing it in music, that little bit of them that allowed them to commit murder when anyone else would not had to have been there a long time before. I feel this is very obvious because a lot of people who watch horror films do not go out and mutilate someone. I believe that saying you saw the thing that you did on a film/ television or heard it in some song should not ever and i mean EVER be an excuse.
On a small side not there is something the media does which is related to this in loose way. A few years ago a young girl was killed in the Lothians. Her boyfriend was a prime suspect. One day in the paper it was said how her boyfriend had satanic symbols and strange poems on his school work and that he listened to music such as Marilyn Manson. I have brought this up because it only seems that when a person listens to rock or metal and rap that their music is brought up. Its as if the media expects that these types of music mean a certain of behavior from these people. Well what about all the petty crimes caused by fans of different pop bands. I think that rock especially is brought up in connection with crimes because of its power and image of rebellion but these things should not be put into the media as it could sway peoples opinions.
As a summing up after my short tangent i would just like to say do people become violent because of a saturation of violent images and words or do they seek out this images because they already have a violent streak they need to fufil?


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