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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Final Post

When I first heard we were doing CMT I was excited by most of the lectures that were on the line up for it. I felt blogging was also better as it gave me a better insight into the lectures as I was researching into each of the blog’s.
Learning about Contemporary Media Theory was very interesting. It really made me think about the six cites projects in different way after each of the lectures. The one that really inspired me and I put forward the initial idea towards the final idea was the moving image lecture. In the moving image it was very abstract, almost kind of art deco this inspired me for the idea of the red arrow.
The post-modern perspectives lecture was another that stood out. It also helped me in my research through the six cites project. This is because it gave an insight into the background of media and made you think about how it came through. This helped in research as it made me want to take my research further and explore different ideas.
Although some of the lectures did not link directly to the six cites project it was really exciting to here the background to different media such as how Disney use celebration a village in which is a form of advertisement. I found this interesting as it just shows how advertisements can be done in different ways like this. Although this doesn’t connect with the six cites project the new look waterfront could be the kind of advertising for Dundee.
CMT gave a good background into different forms of media and helped me research these different kinds of media that could be used to point out design in Dundee. This shows in the group’s final outcome, which included red arrows, balloons and plaques. This I think may have work as advertising design as there was a majority of IMD people in our group and I fell the lectures could have had this effect on the project.
The weekly lectures on such things as the moving image and Comics, Cartoons and Graphic Novels also help with the concept video that we made for our presentation as it let us see how other artists use the camera to convey a message in a constructive way. It gave us ideas, which we changed to fulfil the purpose of our concept video.
I was also given an insight into the use of technology in society through the Media and Messages in the Global Village lecture. This worked well also with it tying in our final idea together with the public being able to text in there favourite design features in Dundee to move the arrows around Dundee to the publics favoured design.
All in all I feel that the CMT lectures have not only help me in my way of designing but also gave me an insight into the history of media design. I feel these lectures have changed my perspective on design as I have been putting forward ideas that I would not usually, in both design studies and IMD.


Blogger Ryan said...

You brought up an interesting point about how Disney have used their advertising cleverly. This is the case for most companies they try to target consumers when they are most vunerable.Some of the most expensive billboards to post on are the ones situated next to the sites of common traffic jams. The corporations are crafty and will go to great lengths to squeeze your money from you. Just have a look around you now, how many logos or advertisements can you see?

11:29 PM  
Blogger KatesThoughts said...

It seems like you have related well your lectures to your living design project, if it means from now on you can more aptly question the briefs, it must be helpful! you talk of the disney Celebration town, do you not think dundee has already tried to create that o an extent with the Dundee comic logo, is that not what our project is to do, brand dundee, though maybe a little subtler than disney!You really seemed to have listened to Mcluhans communication lecture, as with your big red arrows you seem to be interacting and listening to what the people of dundee have to say!

12:25 AM  

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