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Monday, December 11, 2006

Final Blog

Recall the brief for six cities design festival:

“The Dundee Six Cities Team wants you to work collaboratively and brainstorm the big picture of design and creativity in Dundee. What are the strengths? What is the potential for the future? What information and awareness could help local businesses use design better? What design resources in the city could help local people improve the quality of their lives? How can design contribute to tourist development? These and many other questions need to be considered.”

The great exhibition gave me a visual idea of what the six cities festival could be. The crystal palace being the actual design festival but all the 13,000 exhibits of the great exhibition being design in Dundee and like in the great exhibition people will travel from all around to see Dundee through design.

The gothic revival was a practical response not an aesthetic one, this made me think of the repercussions the design festival could have on Dundee. People’s response to what they have been shown could be a magical as the gothic style; design will get bigger and bigger in Dundee a lot like the gothic style did in England and Europe. Also it could make a permanent mark on Dundee as gothic did on medieval cathedrals.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco made me think of art for arts sake and more so what environmental art already exists in Dundee and what else could be done to bring Dundee up to date with civic design such as monuments like the law monument or Alexandra’s fountain.

The Arts and Crafts movement made me think of possible applications to possible solutions to the six cities brief. A movement where man was going back to basics and using the tools he was born with rather than machine and mass production a one off master piece was his ambition. This is the same for our six cities brief and as we had a low budget what better that to be made by hand. Something physical to be proud of, designed for the people by us. Just like in the in arts and crafts movement where it was said to be art for the people by the people. So not really art for arts sake but for the people’s sake.

The Viennese Secession reminded me that our work if chosen would sit along side international design it was not only a design festival to celebrate design in Dundee although this is the primary goal but it is also to bring Dundee into the international world of design to let them know we exist and for Dundee to learn what other designs exists.

Futurism reminded me of the many problems in the world today like pollution and our dependence on this technology at the time it was a celebrate of new technology and a loathing of the past but it made me think how we are retracing our steps as what was new technology than has given us a lot of environment problems and so we must do as they loathed to find a solution this made me think of Dundee being up there with new world changing design for the better maybe the future could be Dundee??

The Russian revolution very much reminded me of my stakeholders and who they where and to satisfy them is a large part of the brief and like in Russia if I didn’t it would be over throw and I suppose come under the labelling of bad design.

World War one and the Russian revolution made me thing of the power of design and mainly in graphic you see a poster it could change your day, it could make you smile when your down it could be used in Dundee..

The design history lectures also got me thinking about team work and just how important it is for some thing as big as the six cities design festival, in all the aspects of design history that we covered it was not one artist or designer that made that specific style or movement its was a group of people who came together and show cased their work to the world that made that mark on design and so it is important to work together for something a big as the six cities design festival after all it could be the next great exhibition..???


Blogger Mathy (Simpson) said...

I think its impressive that you have picked out each leture and shown what it borught to your Six Cities project.

Like you i relasied that there was some part of each lecture, something that was a part of the style or movement that was was of relevnace and could help me in our project.

In a slightly different way i noticed that there were consistent themes (political, social, enviromental, thecnological issues etc) running in all the movements and styles and when it came to our project we had to look at and take into account these themes also. Why? Becuase they shape us and Design can shap and be shaped by them.

3:16 PM  
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Blogger DonLobania said...

good final blog. I was a bit confused of what was asked of me in my final blog and there were non to make comparisons to either when i did mine.

But now i see your and think... ihope i've done something similar. You have shown your process through the semester.

1:38 PM  

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