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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I know disney has become a corporate monster now, but i want to stick to its animation in my blog. i like disney animation. as most people do, i loved disney as a kid. jungle book being my favoiret.

the feminism part to lecture. to me disney portray the female characters the way they do to teach children to behave well. for example in beauty and the beast i dont think bell stays with the beast because thats a women should do. it teaches not just to look at how a person looks, but to get to know them and help them with any issues they have, and help them. this is an important moral for children to know, "beauty isnt skin deep". all of disney movie give a across morals which children need to know if they are to grow up to be responisle adults, something todays generation of children are lacking.

Shrek makes fun of how disney films are made. its story comes from varoius disney films, snow white, beauty and the beast and many others used for comedy through out the film. Princess Fiona is cast as a sterotypical women but throught out the film she steps out of this role and acts very feminly. when surrounded by highway men she disposes of them in matrix style way. however this is used for comedy. In the DVD people were saying that bella did not save herself from the 5 wolves only because she was a women and disney dont allow women to save them selfs. all i have to say is i know of know no women that can take down 5 wolves bare handed, however the beast....he's a beast, so he saves her. its simple. not that bella didnt save herself because she is a sterotyped women.

i like disney films and i think they show children important morals that they will need in life. it doesnt tell children to behave exactly like the characters in the films, just to take note of it.


Blogger DonLobania said...

Good Blog!

I watched an interview with the animation dude from the Gorillaz on the culture show and he totally slagged of the new gen films. He said

'I let my kids watch only Jungle book and a few selected films'

Referencing to the classic but he also said that the new films made where using the technology to base the film and not story making and then using technology to improve it.

You probably know more than me on this aspect...please enlighten me

2:00 PM  

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