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Monday, December 11, 2006

A Design That Makes Everything Else Look Old Fashioned?

Futurism came heart and soul from Italy and became an international movement. Futurists not to be mistaken for Futurism, loathed the idea of the past it was old design especially when talking about political or artistic trends, although they themselves were trend watchers. Seems a bit of a contradiction???

The car and its industry were legendary for the futurists; because they represented the triumph man has over nature which up till now was the main foundations for art and design.

So Futurism was the opposite of the Arts and Crafts movement??

The first major exhibition of Futurism was held in Milan in 1911 and was like in the Viennese Secession a free exhibition, it was a statement for all to see - like you could miss it was unlike anything anyone had seen before. It was the Futurists belief that space no longer existed?? just alot of shape???

There was a huge influence on the Russian movement of Cubism it was a form of art very similar to Futurism except as you can imagine everything was square.

Futurism represented the madness between technology and man?? the dependance we have on machines?? the madness we still live in today??

Pictures like the one above Dynamism of a dancer 1912 by Gino Severini look to me very much like the busy streets of any city today, polution, speed.???

Sure it must have been very exciting at the start but look where it has got us???

It seems to me Futurism was celebrating technology whilst warning us at the same time not to enjoy the modern world's comforts but not to forget the forces that made them possible.

Technology is second nature to most of the world today is this something to celebrate??
I don't think so...


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