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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Deconstructing disney

This lecture contained many things about disney that i heard rumours about since i started using the internet extensivly, the way they portray women, the racism, but i, like many others of my age, was brought up on the Disney cartoons and feel that it is only now in retrospect that these things become apparent.
In the lecture it was suggested that Beauty and the Beast portrayed domestic violence and that the beast was like an abusive husband that Belle keeps returning to hoping she can change him. My own memories of Beauty and the Beast are being very scared of Gaston and feeling sorry for the beast, even watching the clips of Beauty and the Beast in the lecture didnt make me think thats that what it portrayed. Like all forms of media people draw what they like from it.
There has been many critisms of Disney for the way they portray classic stories but wouldnt there have been more of an outcry if the stories were delivered properly. Can you imagine what would have happened to Disney Studios if at the end of the film she turned into sea foam like i nthe proper story. Happy endings are added for a reason. Children do not need to know the harsh reality of life as soon as they watch their first cartoon. Children want to believe that heros will always be there to save the day, that love is magical, that evil will always be defeated. Children are not stupid they know that this cartoon world of dragons and faeries is not a real one and although it may cross into their play its not affecting them in any real way.
I do admit however that the way that Disney portrays different races and women is a little politicly incorrect but Disney started life years ago when those types of stereotypes were the norm and maybe it is finding it hard to break itself out of the cycle or maybe it hasnt noticed how it is protraying things. No that doesnt make it right but it may explain why there is still these images. I think that as long as these films arnt doign any harm to children we should let them have their idealised view of the world because all too soon they will learn what the world is like and have to grow up.


Blogger Emily K said...

First Disney film was 1928 - the same year Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the suffragette movement in the UK. By this point the policies of he suffragette movement were becoming a reality, so sterotypes of women were changing. I think Disney were just being ignorant. They had the oppertunity to help create a more accepting generation, but didn't. In a way, Disney is almost symbolic of what is wrong with America.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Raymond Hollowell said...

Its obvious that disney was being ingnorant considering most people no that disney was a racist. This would be why disney would not be changing hia views even though times were changing. Also altough disney is huge i cant see how it is Symbolic of what is wrong with America. I think people can see what is wrong with America themselves well in there opinions and often everyone has a opinion when it comes to America. Ive never heard anyone say anything about disney. maybe thats just me though.

11:12 PM  

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