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Monday, December 11, 2006

And so we come to an end

When we first started the CMT lectures I didn’t think that in any way they related to our practical, however like many things the link was subtle. In fact it is only now that I am looking back on both at once that I have noticed it.
The lecture on the global village highlighted how technology has changed our lives, we have many ways of keeping in touch with people and sharing information which tied into our brief in our practical classes because our job was to inform people about the design festival and design in Dundee. Because of this lecture I wanted to do something more tactile than just a screen however after much idea brainstorming the group as a whole settled with something that was tactile but also an idea that utilised the idea of information sharing in allowing people to text their votes about where an arrow would be placed.
It is not easy to see whether or not our idea would be different without having the lecture programs. Yes our idea did evolve through the semester but this could either have been through the lectures or through the process of continually evaluating what we did. The CMT lectures did not have a direct effect on the project because they were very different from our practical project but we managed to draw from them an idea of how to move the old from the new, the moving image lecture made me see how you can make people look at things in a different way because some of the artists made films by lying things directly on the film instead of filming objects through the lens.
Even some of the very specialist lectures such as the Disney lecture helped the project in a way because it taught us to be very careful what content we are using as even things that a less obviously offensive to us can offend certain groups of people.
The comic book lecture had some effect on me as it has shown me the different ways you can present information depending on what it is you are wanting to say and wanting to do there is the old saying of a picture says a thousand words (or something along those lines) which sums up comics perfectly and made me think that sometimes images are better than explaining outright what it is you are doing.
CMT was an immensely fun set of lectures which not only helped our design studies project but also our IMD work. They have taught me a lot about how to represent information and what is the best medium for your work but also from this I have come to my own conclusions about how technology is not always the best answer in a lot of situations. It is a very big part of life and very helpful but it is not always the answer. CMT has taught me in a strange way not to always jump to digital as a solution but to choose the best medium for the job at hand.


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