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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And here we are, at the end....

Firstly, i have taken alot from these CMT lectures. it has shown me new ways of thinking and made me aware of more art.

From the lecture on Digital Culture, i quickly realised people were spending far too much time sitting on computers, using the internet and seeing places on their screens rather than in real. I decided that the six cities concept should not be computer based, it should be something simple that gets people to see the places for themselfs. Keeping the idea simple was'nt easy as because technology exists, people want to use it, a common mistake, one i make alot. When Raymo mentioned the "red arrows" i knew that was what was needed. This acctually would point out design with a sledge hammer attitude.

From the moving images lecture they mentioned how in animation you over exadurate the movements of the characters so the view will notice this more. i wanted to apply this concept to the arrow; over exadurate it so people will notice it. make it huge and red, so it sticks out, making people question why its there, what it is pointing at...

this it what out group did, the arrows were getting bigger everytime we meet up. ideas of an arrow that was almost as big as the building it was pointing at came around, but we soon relised this was too big. however we decided that the arrow should be bright red, another technique of animation, making the main characters brighter than the background and other characters to make the view relise who are the most important characters on the screen. this gave the arrow a cartoon feel to it. which was in keeping with Dundee's heritage of comic books and even the way the counsil write "Dundee" with big blocky letters.

Not all of the lectures link directly to the project, however they have furthered my general knowledge and will be used for other projects. And many got me thinking about things i normally would of just looked over with out a second thought. it has also opened my eyes different types of art and how to appricate art if i like it or not.

when i came to university i like what i liked and had no time for other mediums or opinions, i feel this has greatly changed and i feel other people should take this onboard when working as team .it means you will listen and appriciate ideas; even if you dont like it, and work on them. as ideas that you dont like can still be good and deserve time to be worked on.asking my self what is design also widened my views of what can be considered design. finding new mediums and also finding that all things man made can be considered design.

These lectures have changed my views aswell as giving me insperation. i feel i have a better understanding of how ideas come around and how to treat them.

Heres to the end of a busy semester!


Blogger DonLobania said...

As a fellow team member i validate and agree with your blog.

I understand and take onboard the advise of listening to others. Although at times it might not have looked that way but i was trying to take into account the views of group members and trying to sieve through all the non sence ones.

Good blog

1:57 PM  

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