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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What is Design?

"Something Designers do but don't understand"

Makes sense for sure so why do we ask ourselves the same question all the time? if it is indeed something we do but don't understand hadn't be just better get on with it? it this why there is no new design, because we are turning design in to some sort of philosophy where every thought and inspiration has to have some sort of structure and so we end up back in the industrial revolution.
Isn't it that if we question creativity too much we are structuring our thoughts i mean i understand we have to in order to keep ourfeet grounded - the design process - but surely it ruins all chance of new design - maybe those blue sky doodles are tomorrow who knows but of we question what we love doing it takes the fun out of something so influental to people and creativity seems impossible??

What a headace so is design philosophy of a profession??
cant we just get a pen and paper and go mad do we always have to question our actions?


Blogger DonLobania said...

We can go into "blue sky thoughts" Designers do!

but the philosophy is of why we have these random thoughts as we all of them but only a few get transfered into successful design.
"in every 100 concepts for one brief only 10 are feasible and 1 successful"
So the theories are here to give structure to make us more efficient in creating successful ideas.

12:04 PM  
Blogger eva said...

I totally agree with you Ina. I think we do structure our thoughts too much. We over analyse and question everything. As designers thats what is expected of us and is an automatic action for us but I feel that takes the enjoyment out of it and we lose enthusiasm. I know someone who does this. Perhaps it works for them but I don't think the world can move forward with this attitude. Why do all of our random thoughts have to turn into successful designs? We could design something today that doesn't seem feasible but in a few years that idea could be brought to life. I think it's really down to whether you view design as just ur profession or whether you see it as your passion.

4:27 PM  

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