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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was a revolutionary break through. Jonathon Waldron was the first person to create a virtual world. It was like one of the houses of the children’s stories with no problems in the world at all.
The only people however could afford this was the Army who used it for head up displays. This ment that fighter pilots could see enemy without having to move their head.
Japan was the country that made it affordable. In 1987 the data glove was introduced. This was a glove, which you put on your hand, and it moved a hand on the screen. Eventually it moved onto arcade games which you put a visor over your head and it feels like you are in the game.
I suppose games console’s is the most likely place that virtual reality would be used. I think the Nintendo wii shows how close we are to this happening. This is a kind of virtual reality I think, do you?
The wii, it’s a kind of virtual reality the controller you can move and it moves on screen much like the glove. For example in a sword fighting game a slashing movement with the controller would make the character make a slashing motion. So Virtual reality that’s affordable looks only around the corner wouldn’t you say? It looks very close to it to me.


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