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Thursday, November 23, 2006

post modernism

post modernism, im aware the lecture was some time ago, i found my notes on it recently and relised i wasnt sure if i did post a blog about it.

so, from my notes and what i remember post modernism is about how we think. post modernist try to "think out side the box". they belive that to move forward we must think differently. i can see their point, if we didnt think differently once in a while then all our ideas would become "cliche" or just the same, everything would of been done before and there would be no origonality.

when i tried researching post moderism on google i got many sites, all of which confused the hell out of me. for example the wiki entry: clicky
from what i can tell postmodernism is hard to fully define, from what i have read its a different way of thinking and takes bits from many movements to create new ideas.

i coulnt get to grips with it, guess i need to do some more reading on it, might post once ive figured it out more.


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