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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Moving Image

right, first of all, anyone else scared by the music in one of the videos? you know the guitar with some person( dont know if it was a man or women) moaning and screaming over the scared me anyway. but to the point of the lectures: the moving image. so it all started with john logie baird and hiw mechanical TV. even though his idea of a tv should work was not used, the princilple of transmitting moving images was revolutionary. it its one of the building blocks of our modern day culture, it spawned so many new different types of media; tv shows, animation(cartoons), short film, adverts etc. it also brought the world closer, with regular news broadcasts showing pictures of events from around the world. it began the "global village" idea. TV has moved on a fair bit technologically. colur TV was introduced 1953, this brought people much better looking pictures, people could finally see places far away in full colour. TV has moved on since then too, the way they work has changed(plasma TV's). however what is the next step, what about holographic images, a screen floating in mid air? its alomost here, Clicky i rekon thats where the moving image is going next.


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