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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

media and messages in the global village

Does technology affect our everyday lives. Everyday we use messaging services to keep in touch with those who are either miles away from us or jsut in the next room. It is an extension of our everyday communications with people and the social interactions we expearince. Strange things have cropped up in the recent past such as internet dating which show how much it has changed our lives but is it changing our lives in a dangerous way.
There is always stories of children that have been abducted by people they have met through the internet. These people have been imitating children to gain the trust of others and finally persuade them to meet. Yes this is a definate danger of the internet but i believe it causes people to panic a bit too much. Safety measures do need to be put in place as children are vunerable and very quick to trust people. An age restriction should be put on messaging services to stop children being targeted the problem is which age to set it to. Considering even adults can be targeted it is a hard thing to censur. At one end it would protect people, at the other it is preventing them from free speech.
Unfortunatly before the internet the same things were happening, children being abducted, murders, people going missing, but the internet while trying to make it easier for buisenesses and friends to keep in touch has made it easier for strangers to start talking which in some cases can be dangerous. It is important to remember to only talk to people that you know but no one really follows this advice because we are all social creatures.
And thats why messaging and the global village is good. It helps us to make make friends from all around the world and to keep in touch with them. Most people probably speak to online friends more than real life ones. As long as we are careful online and dont use it as a substitute for real human contact then the technology we have today will help us enrich our lives.


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