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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Media and Messages in the Global Village

Marshall McLuhan was a writer/ scholar who write and thought very much about media and how the world is changing. He believed that the medium was the message and not the message itself.

Is media changing the world?

McLuchans Understanding media sys that technology might fit in our lives. Society might slow the change but it will happen. He talks about the three ages of man. The Preliterate or tribal, Gutenberg age and The Electronic Age.

Looking at the Amazon Indians the live in small groups and they keep what they know and share it with the others in there own group. They carry there traditions forward such do many other cultures be using the media of voice.

The Gutenberg age was when the Gutenberg press was made. This made communication change. It was now visual using the eye to decipher the information. It was in a text form on a printed page for the first time. However at this point only a small group of people could read at this time. This is when the start of the change in media happened.

Is a change in society due to the change in media?

We are now in the electronic age. Satellite TV, mobile phones videos, games consoles etc.
The Internet is used for communication and we can do more. However it makes us antisocial we hide behind the Internet. Technology has brought people all over the world closer together but in an antisocial way. Changes are happening fast in technology and in society. We can find out nearly anything we want on the Internet. Is technology turning us into something different are we losing skills and is it making us anti social. I think we might have lost some skills however we are gaining new ones. We are just changing with the times. Its obvious to me that technology changing has changed the society but is it changing it for the better or are we all going to end up anti social not ever having to leave the house. I guess we will just need to wait and seeā€¦


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