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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Great Exhibit at the Crystal Palace

Britain was in its height of power, the workshop of the world some might say, arguably the leader of the industrial revolution and the great exhibition was to be symbolic of this, as was the ever changing attitude of Britain she took great honor in showing her achievevments right alongside those of less developed countries.
The great Exhibition was held in Hyde Park in London in a specially designed Crystal Palace. many competed to design the grande and innovative building which would showcase British superiority and in the end 245 designs where rejected. It was Sir Joseph Paxton, son of a farmer and a gardener himself that designed the 408ft wide and 1848ft long concrete foundations. 63ft high and with over a million feet of glass construction began on the 26 september 1850 and finished in march 1851 with a third of all glass produced in Britain per year used in its construction and design - bad luck if you broke your window! It was the first exhibition to have public toilets and a restuarant. It attracted over 6,200,000 visitors to London.-Shame its not still around to see as it was destoryed by a fire in 1936.
The Exhibition was opened by Queen Victoria on the 1st of May 1851 and remained open untill the 15th of october. Many travellled by train to see over 13,000 exhibits for many it was their first time in London and if it where not for the railways some 600,000 people would not have seen Paxtons incredible building, the first of its kind a building based on the largest pane of glass then avaliable and a structural system based on standardised iron girders - a inspiration for design to try what has never been attempted...
The festival of Britain in 1951 was the 100th year anniversary of the Great Exhibition. It look as if Britain would always be on top, 90% of cars exported in the world where made in Britain. Even after a second world war we looked to be a leading economical power of the world...
How did Britain lose its influence on the rest of the world?

In a time where many felt secure, economically and politically why was there still so much poverty? was it because we never looked after our work force that Germany and America became such a huge threat and our economy fell?

Is Britain what it was then? why has design come to such a deadend where nobody designs for new instead of better??? surely we are running out of bit and bobs to and or do?


Blogger DonLobania said...

Britain loss the power as it could not compete with the rival countries.

Monetary terms America, Japan, Germany and recently China have overtaken the u.k. in terms of market. Why? Simply because we donot have the population to compete with other markets. A Company based in the u.k. WILL make less money than if they started the company in any of the other three above. Japan you might say is a small market...But they have driven there culture into one that adopts change easily while keeping traditional values compared to the u.k. which is stubborn to change.

Japan also has a mass exporting economic shift. The U.k. are still known as the quality country to buy from...but the strength of the pound compared to any other currency in the world has meant that trading with the u.k. is more expensive than trading with Japan.

This is only an answer to your question in terms of money but there are many avenues that i can go through but as i have written alot allready i think i might stop.

Chat soon

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