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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Digital culture

The lecture on digital culture dealt with peoples dependence on each other and technology. It was suggested in the lecture that we are techno social, in a way this is true, I personally find it much easier to talk to someone through msn or myspace. As we all know there is a lot of dangers associated with online chats but this doesnt seem to deter us in the slightest. People seem to spend most of thier time on msn or chat sites talking to random people about mostly random things, it has almost taken over from face to face conversation especially now that msn and other instant messaging programs are available on mobiles. In the future wer'e going to have to find a way to make sure people still talk face to face for no matter how much fun it is talking to someone online and having the safety barrier of the screen it in no way replaces real social interaction which we all need to get on in life
New media is bringing the world closer together with its interactive elements, it is allowing people to have friends in far away countries that they can speak to as much as their next door nieghbour, perhaps more. Online there is very little language or cultural barriers, people are brought together by common interest. In a way it is getting rid of our shallow first impressions from peoples looks. We talk to someone, get to know them and know whether or not we like them through their thoughts. Its a whole area of interaction which in a way is completly blind. er i feel like im rambling without getting any point across so i going to try to wrap it up. I guess what i mean is Digtial culture is helping us reach further into the world and make aquaintances in different places but i believe it will never replace those friendships that we have with our real life friends, but hey everyone has their own opinion on it so let me know what you think.


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