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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Comics, Cartoons and Graphic Novels

Cartoons started back in the renaissance with such artists as da Vinci and hoe gard. However cartoons were classed as drawings done on paper then.
One of the most famous ones is the drunken image by hoe gard where everything is exaggerated for comic effect. It was showing the collapse of society from getting drunk.

Cartoons evolved when engravings were done and reproductions could be done. Single images were read from one side to the other and contained narrative within it. The cartoons were humours like they are today. They remind me of political cartoons in newspapers today, the same style.

When I think of cartoons I think of it as animated such as Tin Tin. This had a stylised background with simple figures for the characters. Also like Tom and Jerry or Donald Duck. This is what I think of when I hear cartoon.

Comics started in the early 20th century as cartoons in newspapers in the funny pages in North America. Crazy cat was one of the first comics made which had movement, emotion and sound effects in it. It also tried out new ideas like cutting behind the picture plane, trying different layouts and having borders to avoid confusion.

In the 1960s the USA started the super hero comics such as Spiderman. These were aimed towards teenagers and were about politics in the USA. After the rise in all the superhero comics there was a big rise in underground comics that didn’t evolve super heroes.
And by the 1980’s in Japan there was a new craze.

The graphic novel was completely different to what was going on in the west. Charles Burns a graphic novelist started with the weird detective which surd on the crime spree of graphic novels. Another person was frank miller who also liked manga from Japan. He done a series called sin city and had very good cinematic imagery, with close ups etc. This was recently made into a blockbuster film. The sin city graphic novels had large volumes almost like a book but were set out like a comic.

The next point of graphic novels is already here with lots of Japanese manga animations being brought out. I’m not sure what the next thing could be but to go by the quality of graphic novels it certainly will be good stuff.


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