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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cancelled a few weeks ago :The Moving Image

The moving image came about with the invention of TV. Images could be transmitted over a radio signal and could be transmitted to the screen. This was a new revolution as nothing like this had been done before. The moving image was an art form, which rapidly grew.

The early moving image was mostly done by exposing film and drawing on it. Norman McClaren a Canadian animator and studied at the Glasgow school of art until the 1930s and used this technique.

Another person who did this type of animation was Len Lye however he was very influenced by jazz music and based his animations around the beats etc.

At this time animations were very abstract. One of the most famous ones was done in a swimming pool. The swimming pool being the sheet of glass and the swimmers making the patterns by diving, spinning round and swimming etc.

The basics of the moving image were made consistent through the centuries and the same themes have occurred through time. Is this to say that everything has stemmed from the starts and developed from the first moving image? Yes the same as everything else. It just gets changed little by little to what we have today and it will continue to change in the future.


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