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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Art Deco

A style carried on from Art Nouveau, Art Deco is distinguished by a more "modern" look. Lines are thicker, simpler than in Art Deco design; objects are simpler than art nouveau but streamlined in their angular form and vibrant colour.
Art Deco offered people new environments created from man-made materials like plastic bakelite and exotic woods.

It was an era fascinated with consumer goods and the application of materials, the Art Deco style was a celebration of an industry where new and faster technology was making distant lands accessible and so the materials for design where endless some designers even used sharkskin and snakeskin even crushed eggshell lacquer in their designs mainly in furniture applications.

Quoted by many to be a style of elegance and sophistication i cant help but look at the work and it seems unfinished like they have simplified design to much that there is almost nothing there to design...

I have never been a big fan of the Art Deco style i use to think Art Deco and Art Nouveau where the same thing but after these lectures i can see they are very similar styles but also very different style Nouveau has a magical look to it but Deco just seems epmty like what you see is what you get - not alot but when you at Art Nouveau there are different things you never noticed before everytime you look.....

What do you think of the Art Deco style am i missing something???????????
I mean is this picture a joke what where they thinking??????????


Blogger DonLobania said...

Art deco and art nouveau the same...even similar...No way jose Marinho! I mean Art nouveau when you look at it is so 'old fashined' using rich colours and huge curves where as deco is more clinical....more clean cut more industrial.

Your blog in my head said to me that Queen victoria's rich style is the same as Neo (in the matrix) sleek smooth industrial style....It isn't the same to me....totally different.

Have i opened Your eyes to the differences....or is there some similarities that i have just not seen? I've new blogs up check them out!


3:53 PM  

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