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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Post moderism

This lecture was very interesting. It seemed to veer more toward science and psychology but i soon relised it applied to life in general. Post modernism is about the shift in importance from industry to knowledge. This means that there is less emphasis placed on manufacturing and more on service industries. It was mentioned in this lecture that art shouldnt be just entertainment. I agree with this becasue art can often be used for practical things such as conveying information and thoughts.

post modernism covers many changes in the way we think and handle our life. It almost seems to me like it was society elevating itself to a new intulectual level through new ways of thought and reason. Post moderism was women striving for equality, the start of marxism, and the start of people starting to view thier world differently. To me post modernism is something that has tied all fields (science and art and psychology) together.


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