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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Digital Culture

What is Digital Culture:

Society today is heavily influnce by the digital world, especially the younger generations.

Video Games:
The developement of video games all centres around the virtual world evolvinging into the authentic world. The aim for the game designer today is to make their games mimic real life? mmmm... but not. The virtual world has no bounderys unlike are world which allows the gamer to live out their passions, drive a formula one car, do a double back flip on a skateboard, fly a helicopter or one of the most popular "passions" hidden deep in the sub conscious, to go on a mass killing spree!!!! ha ha. Most possible in the virtual world but well......ok possible in the real world but a little more frowned upon? So digital design has taken on a whole new reponsibility, the influencing of future generations or until digital culture crashes and burns. So without sounding two much like an oap i would just like to ask the question; are we, as future designers responsible for the actions of future generations as we influence them and provide them with the ellusion that they can do as they wish?

Does design follow culture or does culture follow design?

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