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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Digital Culture

First of all, what is culture? is it beauty, aesthetics, design? personally i think culture is life, the way someone lives their life, and all aspects of creative thinking, music, art, design writing etc. ..culture is also how we comunicate with people. for example a news paper is a form of culture and is always a way of communicating current events around the world. so now we have Digital Culture, what exactly is that??

the way i see it it is a digital form of culture, people are now living out their live on computers, using the internet to communicate, produce art work, music etc... for exmaple you can now study computer art at abertay, so its a recognise form of art now.

however is this going too far, with the introduction of online role playing games(RPG) some people are choosing to live out thier life inside a game. in one very large online RPG World of Warcraft some people are acctually paid to patrol the game and take on other roles, for example be a shop keeper. now im not talkin paid in game credits, im talking real money, its ridiculous, you can just stay on you PC and earn a living in a virtual work, with virtual friend who you can speak to on headset, but you will only ever see a digital character, never speaking face to face. i think digital culture is going a bit too far, yes digital culture is good for speaking to people on the otherside of the world, or finding out news around the world in seconds but people still need to comunicate properly and experiance origional culture...

kinda started ranting there, oops.


Blogger DonLobania said...

No... not ranting but it's a reaaly interesting point. Is the internet and digtal culture going to far or is it a new technology/innovation which is harder to adopt like many in history before it.

Could we create a new world on the the matrix? Where you can eat, sleep, talk, hve fun (s*x), play on the internet. Can virtual reality make these things visual closer to the real thing?

You have stumbled upon a new innovation. Instead of using up the earths resources why not create an imaginary resource (o&1's). You plug in and out of the matrix when you want!

Good blog...This is what we need more of... a tangent thought related to the lecture....not your lecture notes. Hope to see your response soon.

Make comments on some of my blogs (as part of your marks) cos it's creating a lot of interest

1:53 PM  
Blogger chris p said...

I think The matrix raised the point of is technology going to far...Right now people are wasting thier lives to a computer game, i really do tihnk this is wrong as kids do it. when i was a kid i was out playing on my bike, running through steams and climbing tree's, these experiances a game cannot give you. i know in some countries (please dont ask me where as i cant remember) there is an online curfew, after 9pm all gaming servers are shut down. this is what needs to happen as too many people sit on their computers playing virtual games thinking its reality...

12:12 PM  

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