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Monday, October 09, 2006

design history

Sorry this is a bit late but its been a busy old week :) however this is not the place to explain the ins and outs of my week but to tell you about our lectures. Our first two lectures were about design history. The lecturer for these is brilliant and has a completly different approach to delivering lecutres. He uses many pictures and talks through them instead of having written notes projected.

I must admit that i do think that a lot of the lectures are art history but then again both disciplines are hardly ever seperate. I do enjoy learning about the different types of machinery and architecture that has sprung up over the century but i do question its relevence to my course. IMD is so focused on computers and the like that the link is very blurry but i suppose you've got to understand the roots of your discipline whatever it may be. This does not however clear up in my mind the reasons for repeating lecutres that we did in first year, there was extra things but we had seen a lot of the slides before. They still were enjoyable lectures though.

I cant help noticing that i am rambling so i think i gonna leave this for now and come back to it when i have done some work in flash.

laters everyone


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