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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CMT What is (digital) culture?

Matthew Arnold's 1869 described culture as beauty, intelligence and perfection. He said that if we can reach that then everything in the world would be ok.

According to Raymond Williams 1958 said that culture is ordinary that it is symbolic dimensions of our lives. He was the man who introduced popular culture.

Computers and Cultural Transformation by Jaishree K. Odin. In this the importance of computers in society are talked about. As we know computers are use in everything these days so yes they do play a large place in society. It is said computers have been around for years the abacus was used 5000bc. This could be seen to be a type of computer. In 1961 a computer time-sharing system was designed by MIT and this was the start of the trend in computers.

Jean Baudrillard made the point that with new media we are not sure what is real or fake. Images can be easily manipulated to look like something that they are not. There is a direct world of experience out there but most people watch TV, on computers and play games etc.

Technology, computers use digital data for faster executing of algorithms. This is a mix between existing culture conventions of software. Computers can now be personalized and are customizable. This is useful for ourselves as we can make things on the computer as we want and are easily modifiable.

Changing people, technology, time and space could reshape new media. This would enable people to refine people’s boundaries through the configuration of people. New media is networking and programming. The most well known piece of new media you are on right now. The web, it uses a programmatic access to gain content. It connects people and documents in the real time.

Anyway time I got doing something else.


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