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Thursday, October 12, 2006

CMT - Post-modern perspectives

Well what can I say about CMT? Well it’s a means of distributing information, networking people interconnected by communication. It’s a field for creating practice, technological structure. Confused? I know I am. Am sure this will make sense at the end of CMT though.

This weeks (6th October) lecture was on postmodern perspectives.

The film the full Monty shows modern socialism. It shows the striving for modernism and starts with different identities with supervisors and workers in the mines. These are different classes of people however through the film there are changes first off the mines close. This ends up making the different classes equal all unemployed making them eventually strip to make money. Throughout the film it shows many changes with time such as the feminization of culture, in industry and things becoming hi tech.

Post-modern perspectives are from people who believe in progress, they were optimistic and have belief in technology. Einstein was a person who had belief he had an understanding of what the world was. Another was Descartes who said “ I think, Therefore I am” is this to say that if we think it out for long enough that we can find a way out of anything? You don’t always have enough time to think about things.

A part of what I found interesting was that we are made up of four pieces spiritual, subjective, physical and social. Another part I found to be interesting was about Jacques Derrida, a French philosopher who had a huge impact on the intellectual world around us. He used a deconstruction technique and said that any film, novel or picture describes what its like to be human. I agree with this to a certain extent however it’s obvious that in a film or novel the people are exaggerated to make for better reading or viewing. The storyline is usually what its about to be human but with added extras.

What I got was that postmodern perspective was that it has a lot to do with social reasoning and trying to take it a step further and push ideas forward no matter what.

Anyway getting late now better get off so I’m bright and breezy for tomorrows CMT lecture.


Blogger DonLobania said...

Wow!That sounds like a really good lecture! Wish i was there. I had an inkling in my mind that i have heard some of the terms before especially the point where everyone has a spiritual, subjective, physical & social.

I think it was in some of my classes at the mosque where the "Jihad" as a word quite literally means to struggle. Therefore we have to sacrifice and supress our subjective, physical and social desires to make way for our spiritual side. Hence fasting, This is a really holy month as it was this time wen the quran and the command of the fourth pillar of islam was revealed. Fasting is a way to supress all desires to follow your lord who has given (and not given) everything you know (and don't know) to a degree which you should to show appreciation for his great favour.

Sorry for ranting about my religion there. But interesting to know i guess. It's sounds really interesting, keep us posted.

4:00 PM  

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